Today is the beginning of the last working week before my yearly vacation. I look forward to spend 4 weeks abroad and to the thrill of not having to think of work for as much as one second.

I’ve bought a couple of books, planning to find time to read and write about. One is Neil Strauss’s ‘The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists’ and Birgitta Forsman’s ‘The Legacy of Darwin’. Most likely I will find even more interesting titles to read along the way.

Depending on the weather, the car will take us to Denmark, Germany or France. Berlin if it’s raining and The river Rhine and Alsace if the sun is shining. This is the first year without Miss Winty and Miss Mocca accompanying us. Which feels a bit strange. On the other hand that means more shopping for me………..

Winty will be attending the music festival Metaltown. Since I am unable to join her – which took me several weeks of hard coaching to mentally accept – she assures me, that she will shoot tons of photos and send them to me as they come in. And send me live audio recordings and videos. In that way I will at least get a taste of the party I'm missing.

Below photo is just to give you a small taste of my first stop on the trip. Out of the picture I can almost smell the sea, the salt and the sand. And I can hear the waves roar and the seagulls cry. – 4 days to go only………



Jacob said...

Your vacation sounds absolutely wonderful! The photo is just too enticing! I hope you'll bring back many photos to share with us as well as your writings...

Have a great time!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

I'm sure you've earned this vacation as usual :-) Hope to see you on your Odyssey, but be sure to give me the times were our paths may cross, as I'll be out of town too as soon as my vacation starts. The eternal city is beckoning:-)

BTW I'm impressed that your chokehold (LOL) on Miss Winty have loosened so much that she has managed to slip away:-)

Jacob said...

Before you go, Asta, please note that I've awarded you the Golden Blog award, a special and prestigious award for those bloggers who love photography, poetry and writing!

You deserve it!

You may pick it up at my poetry blog, Creative Confections -


Congratulations. Again, have a wonderful trip!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

I've left a little gift for you on my blog :-)

Asta said...

Hi Jacob!
I am deeply honoured. Thank you so much!

I will make sure to post lots of photos during my vacation - and keep you posted about my wheres and abouts-:)

Dear Chris,
I will make sure to let you know my schedule in due time for you to prepare yourself for a visit-:)

I think Winty is a bit dissapointed with me. She said that only yesterday. And that was a surprise-:)

Asta said...

Thank you Chris for the gift.
It's truely appreciated! Thank you so much!