The Rose

Leaving Denmark tomorrow morning. Heading to Germany. Because of the weather forecasts we've decided to skip Berlin this year and instead drive along the river of Rhine.

Spoke to Miss Winty a number of times during the day. She and Freddie are participating in the annual Metaltown Festival in Gothenburg, and I wanted to

make sure that they remember to place all of my cd's (I have a huge collection of metal music) in a safe and not leave them in the car
check if they are enjoying themselves - which they are.

Miss Winty is a dedicated art photographer. The picture below is hers. A picture of one of my favorite flowers.



Jacob said...

Hi to you, Asta!

Miss Winty is not only "dedicated" but very talented...the muted color and the dew drops are superb.

I send my best wishes for you to have a wonderful time in Germany...I envy your ability to travel to so many different countries.

When we lived in Fort Lauderdale we would drive for almost 12 hours and still be in Florida!

Have fun! Be careful! And thank you again for stopping by my blogs and your many kind words!

Bon weekend!

m_m said...

Beautiful photo, absolutely perfect! It's very impressive!
Have a nice weekend and good stay in Germany:)

Mo said...

Stunning flower. Have a great trip

JM said...

The Rhine valley is absolutely gorgeous! Wish you a fantastic journey!
Have fun! See you.

Rajesh said...

Have travel and have a wonderful time.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Have a nice trip. I hope our paths will cross on your return trip (IF you're here after the 6th of July).
Tell Miss Winty that it's a truly fantastic shot:-)

Jacob said...

Hope you're having a great time!

Jacob said...

Hi again, Asta...

I forgot your email address...would you send me a note...just say "Hi," 'cause I want to send you something but not on the blog...



Asta said...

Dear friends,

Thank you all so much for your kind words.

I have now returned to Sweden, and I had a magnificant trip. Germany is a beautiful country and the Germans are wonderful people.

The next couple of days I will try to sort all the pictures from the trip and present some of them for you at my blogsite.

Thank you for all your support.

Best regards