Yesterday was a cultural day as we decided to see Ribe, the oldest town of Denmark. And to pay a visit to Our Lady Maria Cathedral in Ribe is also the oldest church in Denmark, built in 1150.

Ribe was the residence of the royal family for centuries. The famous Queen Dagmar (Queen of Denmark 1205-1212) the spouse of Valdemar Sejr (Valdemar the Victorius) is considered to be the Guardian Angle of Ribe.
Ribe is a very beautiful and pitoresque town, and the cathedral is worth a visit. Hans Tausen (the protagonist of the Danish Reformation, pupil of Martin Luther) was the cathedrals Bishop from 1541 to his death in 1561, and his beautiful tomb stone is hanging on one of the walls inside the cathedral.

The cathedral has been renovated and new buildings added during the centuries. The latest renovation was from 1982-1987 where the artist Carl-Henning Pedersen took on the assingment to create the ornamentation of the chancel of Ribe Cathedral. His works consists of the three teqniques: fresco, glass mosaic and mosaic created directly on the wall where it is to stay.

It is of course very, very difficult to photograph this fantastic work of Carl-Henning Pedersen, however I couldn't resist trying, and at this picture you see both the frescos, the magnificant glass mosaic windows and the 7 mosaics.

We discussed in particular the glass mosaic windows heavily, but I think the strong colours of the windows fit in very well, balancing the paleness of the frescos and the mosaics.

However, I am aware that it's all a matter of taste.

At http://picasaweb.google.com/Asta2143/HenneStrandJune2009 you can see more photos from the inside of the beautiful cathedral and from the town of Ribe.



m_m said...

Very nice town and beautiful cathedral. If one ask me about the oldest town in Denmark, probably I'll answer Copenhagen:). Shame - I've never heard about Ribe, but since now, I know - the oldest town in Denmark is Ribe:)

I also looked at you Picassa Album - indeed, Ribe is a really cute and picturesque place. That's great to visit your blog and always learn something new!:)


Jacob said...

It's incredible! 1150? That's amazing. I love the windows, too. And I would love to spend all day wandering through the place.

What's funny, I have a kooky Lutheran pastor friend by name of Ribe...I can kid him that I've finally found a Ribe older than he is!

Great post, great photos, Asta!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Ribe is one of my favorite towns. It positively reeks history and charm at every corner of the old town center. It's well preserved and really cosy. It's not a big town though; a tour of it only takes an hour or two.

JM said...

This is a wonderful post! Your shots are beautiful!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful cathedral. Loved the interior work with fresco, mosaic. Nice snaps.