The Ice Cream Corner

The Ice Cream Corner in Henne. Placed in the middle of a cross road. The owner of the place, Mick, is also the small towns official bathing water controller.

Originally the small house hosted the local hostel. It had 11 beds, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small office. It's a 2 floor house.

Mick has kept 1 bed, the bathroom and the office. Apart from this the house contains a coffee bar, and icecream bar and a whisky bar.

This café offers 92 guests the possibility to sit down and relax - at the same time.

I strongly recommend Mick's Irish Coffee and / or his Henne Super Cornet.




m_m said...

It looks nice and inviting!

JM said...

This is such a lovely place! It's so perfect it lokks like a model! :-)

Answering to your comment, Lisbon had not only a big earthquake in 1755, but also a tsunami and a fire on the same day! Just imagine how the city must have been destroyed... There are some wonderful 18th century paintings showing the mess.

Jacob said...

This may sound corner but I think the place is precious! Priceless, too! And your photo is excellent, well-composed, great colors, sharp and really shows off the ambiance of the store!