The Golden Blog Award

The beautiful Golden Blog Award was given to Hyperenergy and other obstacles by Jacob at Creative Confessions. I am truly grateful and honoured by his genorosity and kindness. Please check out Jacobs blog as an example of outstanding creativity and beautiful poetry.

Thank you Jacob!

The rules for this award are:

1. Show the award in the blog.
2. Link back to the blog that tagged you.
3. Pass the award on to 8 blogs you love.
4. Inform the bloggers they have been tagged.

I am passing the award to the following:

Jacob for his Ocala Daily Photo
Miss Winty for her Synthetic Darkness

Magnus Betner for his diary at Dagboken
Mo for her Fresh Eyes on London
Chris for his Christophers Billeder



Jacob said...

Dear Asta - you are too much! Thanks so much for all your kindnesses...

And I appreciate your returning this award for Ocala DP! I think this award is special, too. It means a lot.

Please have a great time on your trip...stay out of trouble (hah!) and return safely.

Tack sa mycket! Is that right? My parents both spoke Swedish, especially when they didn't want me to understand what they were saying. Hmmm. No wonder I never learned it!

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Thank you, Asta. I truly enjoy your "ramblings" and it's a double honour to recieve this from the one who taught me :-)

Asta said...

You are most welcome Jacob.
I appreciate your blogs. They are very inspiring and creative.

And thank you Chris!
I'm honoured!
I remember when I first started to 'push' you to create a blog. Now we all see how gifted you are.
Again: Thank you so much!