We've now arrived our first stop on our month long trip.

Today we visited an area that has a special place in my heart. - The military exercise area of Oksboel at the Westcoast of Jutland in Denmark, where I spent lots of time when I was a child.

Above photo indicates why this road was blocked. I am not able to give you the sound, but I'm sure you can imagine.

We also visited the Tirpitz Bunker, built during World War II as a part of Hitlers 'Atlantic Wall'. The cupole is new and has a beautiful ceiling. The photo I managed to get of the ceiling isn't that good, but I'm publishing it anyway, just to give you an idea of the beauty of it.

Cheers for now,


Jacob said...

Very nice, Asta! What, you're afraid of a little live ammo? ;-)

Like the cupola and our photo is excellent.


Christopher Raun Leth said...

It seems like you're enjoying your holiday. Keep it up:-)

Mo said...

What an interesting place

Asta said...

Didn't think it was such a good idea to ignore the sign-:)

The cupola is a fabolous piece of art. I was very impressed......