Age: 45

Weight: 87.29 pounds

Lenght: 4.96 feet - I've grown 0.78 inches since the last check??

Waist: 24.96 inches

BMI: 17.2 (oops)

Hearing: Perfect!

Eyes: Minus and minus is equal to Doubble. GO SEE AN OPTICIAN ASAP!

Metabolism: Extra check of the thyroid glands - I wonder how seriously goitre is? Can I wait till August? Feels a bit stressful to go check this now.

Arteriosclerosis: Absolutely not

Cholesterol value: Perfect - since I didn't press down a hot dog right before the visit

Alcohol abuse symptoms: What's that?

Smoking: No cursing received

Next overhaul: 2014


Jacob said...

Overall, I'd say you're in one hell of a shape!

In fact, I'm so happy for you, I think I'll toast your good fortune!



Asta said...

Thank you Jacob-:)