More Hype

Hype is half an hour with the latest from stage and interviews with people who represents the arts.

These type of TV programmes are necessary in a time where 95% of everything being broadcasted is either horrible American crime series with fictional figures pretending to solve complicated cases in 45 minuttes. Or reality shows.

Television has become the modern alter that we turn to when we have nothing to say to one another.

The televised news hours are of course important. - Or are they? It is possible to keep oneself fully updated by the televised text information. Alternatively by listening to the radio news. And read the newspaper.

Watching Hype reminds me of all the creativity that took man beyond all other species.

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Christopher Raun Leth said...

As usual when it comes to TV I totally agree with you. Too many bad programs with only one goal; to entertain without any kind of intellectual challenges. As I say to my students when they ask me if I saw the latest horrible reality show; if I've got to choose between a reality show (or sport) and a show about chicken breeding on the Faroe Islands, I choose a good book instead.