Last night around midnight. The sunset was fabulous and I couldn't resist.
Just had to catch this with my camera.

The moon is showing half its face

Rose and purple skies

The moon again. Right above the shimmering skies



Christopher Raun Leth said...

Very nice pictures, but a bit hard on the sleep with light on until well past midnight:-)

Asta said...

Yes it is. But magical as well.
The phenomenon with sun and moon side by side is very strange.

Jacob said...

Nice job, Asta. I started reading your commentary and then did a double-take! Midnight? Sunset?

I guess where you live that is life...Amazing!

Thanks for coming by Ocala DP, and have a wonderful day!

Mo said...

This I'd like to see

Asta said...

Thank you Jacob and Mo for your kind comments.
Midnight sun is an amazing feeling......

Jacob said...

My grandparents and one set of grandparents came from Sweden...my dad's dad, son of shoemaker, arrived in the states in 1893 at age 17 knowing no English. Somehow he got on a train and ended up in Kansas where he later married my grandmother (one of 12 children of Charles Adell -- whose real name was Karl Gustaf Adolfson) ...

I've never been to Sweden! Damn! Got to rectify that one day!