Lars von Trier and Antichrist

Lars von Trier did it again. He created a new fantastic movie that got the audience at the Cannes Film festival to show their inner feelings. Which in itself is art. Journalists were outraged and demanded of Lars von Trier to explain himself. But as Lars said to them: a real artist doesn't have to explain himself.

The 'Antichrist' will probably not win the palms in Cannes. Lars von Trier is too controversial and very few understand his means and purposes. Nevertheless the movie ought to win. Because it's done with the directors heart and soul. Lars von Trier is for real. He makes movies because he burns for his occupation. And because he wants to engage his audience - and he succeeds.

He knew that people would be react, though he didn't understand what they meant when calling his movie 'women oppressive'. And neither do I. There's never anything oppressive in Lars von Triers works. He simply tells us a story where people are being taken over the limits and act thereafter.

Here's the link to the official trailer for Antichrist:




Christopher Raun Leth said...

I must confess, I've never been a big fan of Lars von Trier. Each time I've tried to see one of his movies I've been irritated by either his characters, his storyline or his camera movements. The Dogme-95 manifesto I think was a step back in movie making that has taken too long time to get over. I know that the idea was to focus on the story but to my eyes it was about making bad movies that actually looked like bad movies.

I know and acknowledge that his movies moves people and start debates and even trends, but they are just not to my taste. I'm pretty sure I won't see Antichrist either :-)

Asta said...

Either you love him or you hate him. And I strongly admire him. I think he makes good points in his characterization of people. But for sure - he does debate controversial issues and the camaerahandling is something you need to get used to.