Angry young men

Once again a teenager goes crazy with a gun in his hand.

A 17 year old sees no other alternative than to kill and get killed.

Anyone who decides to take another persons life is disturbed.

How did this young man get to this point of no return?

He wasn't born this way. I'm sure of that. What happened in his life?

If his parents knew he was suffering from a depression - why did they leave him un-attended in a house filled with weapons?

If he was being bullied in school - why did it remain un-noticed?

How is it possible for a 17-year old to interrupt a psycological treatment?

There are a million questions in my head, basicly because I don't understand the mechanism.

This happens all over the Western world. USA, Finland, Germany - it doesn't really matter. It's always a mass-murder performed by very young, very angry men. And always in the exact same way. As if they deliberately copy one another. As if it was some sort of cult phenomenon.

Something went wrong during the cultivation process. That's crystal clear. Who's responsible? - Society, parents, teachers, the young men, a laissez faire legislation, YouTube, Google, CNN? - Or are we all resposible for the younger generations ability to cope with this world?



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Christopher Raun Leth said...

I think there's no easy answer to your questions. But the various shooters at schools that I've heard about have something in common: They were all loners (or saw themselves as such), they had been bullied at school and they had easy access to weapons.

In Denmark the schools have now been told to keep an eye out for pupils that suddenly withdraw into themselves or act out of caracter. But when is it serious enough to report and when is it just a case of a young one being a teenager? There will be a lot of false reports and it will be the story of "cry wolfe" once again.

It's sad that young men from time to time snap like this when life becomes too heavy to bear but it's extremely difficult to prevent. And that fact shouldn't prevent us from trying to help anyway.