Metaltown dot se(e)

In June I'll be a part of the surreal happening Metaltown in Gothenburg.The main attractions for my part is Disturbed and Manson. So far. And Bullets were recommended to me. Look forward to that.

Manson is show. And I hope I'll be able to get at least 5 minutes on top of some friendly natures shoulders in order to actually be able to see. Taking into considerations that I am writing on a series of articles about modern cabaret for the learning site I told you about in my latest blog post, I would like to get visuel conformation to my claims. Because even though Manson is a friend on Myspace, I don't think he reads my blog posts, least of all correct me if I'm wrong. So seeing the show is a way for me to either confirm myself or prove me wrong.

So I make desperate plans for the visuel part of the show.

I consulted Miss Winty who told me that if I stand on top of the cables, my head will be almost 4 inches closer to the sky. If I at the same time put on my dark purple retro glam shoes with the 5.8 inches heals, I am suddenly 9.75 inches above myself, which gives me a much better chance to see and to be seen! - By the long, headbanging, armlifting maniacs surrounding me-:). And hopefully that will get me through the show intact without a black eye.