A matter of interpretation

From time to time I philosophise over the sort of working life I have. Whether it's beneficial or not. For example yesterday. I was instructed to join a meeting in order to discuss some changes on the web site that I administrate.

Obiously how to translate the word "discuss" is a matter of interpretation. And apparently mine's slightly different from others. Because for my part "discuss" had been degraded to "listen and do as we say". There were 8 people present. Plus me. - Not the easiest task in this world to separate dirt from perceptiveness.

The meeting lasted 2 1/2 hours. During which they also managed to ventilate issues completely irrelevant to the agenda, but nevermind. I used the waiting time to improve my web site drawing sketches.

Changes can be a re-make. As in delete and create a new one. That's where they landed. I bow my head and thank you for the order.

When analyzing my working life I find that what I do is

1. Maintain a storage of a huge databank of information inside my head about everything related to the company business, which enables me to answer just about any question that people working in the company might like to ask - mainly because they are lazy and never bother to check for the information themselves


2. Based on various scenarioes described in complaints, I create instructions, manuals and teaching material in a user friendly language. That noone reads because if they did bullet no 1 would not be a part of my working life.

Is it beneficial? - That depends on how you interpret "beneficial". To me it's a benefit to know the business. It's a benefit to me to be forced to learn new things every day and to keep myself updated on everything from forms to datasystems. That keeps my brain top-tuned.

If you need people around you who tells you how good you are and how much you and your work is appreciated - you don't want my job.

But if you have strong integrety, strong self-esteem and if you have the courage to listen to unfair criticism without getting hurt and go to counterattack - Then my job might suit you.

The Hygiene factors (status, payment, benefits etc) are not what drives me forward in this job. The only officially recognized motivating factor that I am able to recognize is "challening work".

If I am able to maintain my sense of humor, I will probably be able to continue to motivate myself. However, I realize that from being enthusiastic and ambitious, I've moved to the phase friendly accommodation. - That's when you ought to check your pulse and start figuring out if it's time to get out.



Christopher Raun Leth said...

As the resident it-supporter at my work I sympathize with you. When all is well you never hear anything but if something is wrong, i.e. the printer has run out of toner, all hell breaks loose. I've held seminars on how to use certain essential programs with only a few attending (it wasn't mandatory) and having to solve everybodys problems with the program afterwards especially for those who couldn't bother to show up. I've begun answering silly questions by starting with "As I told you at the meeting...oh, you didn't attend?". You're right; people are lazy buggers! Maybe we should just be as lazy as them? That would teach them...or not. No, to be lazy would be contrary to out professional pride.

Asta said...

Exactly. And that's the main problem. We have a professionel pride and we fix things due to dedication. People think that it's piece of cake. In reality it takes a lot of mind gym before you are there.