I - The Enviable

Read an aticle on www.slate.com offering good advice on how not to do on Facebook and Myspace or other sites on the internet, if you want to avoid to expose yourself to your boss or to your planned husbands or wives by showing the more merry sides of your nature. - For example images of drinking and partying etcetera. - I felt completely excluded.

I belong to that exclusive group of the deadly dull thousandths of people who neither drink alcohol nor take drugs. - Neither did I ever go to high school - or university - and I never go to bars. So noone has anything on me - visually I mean. - Come to think of it I would be a really excellent real life princess candidate, in case anyone's in need of one.

With my highly respected good name - not the one I present myself with here, but my real name, which by the way goes back in a straight line to the days of the REAL noblesse oblige - Anno 1300 and something. BC of course. - it would be unthinkable, nearly a mistake to expose oneself in public in an un-controlled condition. And certainly not on the internet.

So the well-meaning and by the way very entertaining article on
www.slate.com concerned only the 139.9 million other users of Facebook and Myspace - not me.

Which in itself is great, because that means that I am quite unique, and thus an enviable. - Isn't it nice with a bit of confirmation from time to time?!?


Posted by Asta


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Oh yes, really nice with a bit of confirmation:-)

That aside the article shows that people should be a bit carefull about how they present themselves on the Internet, not just Facebook. Try Googling yourself and many people would get a good number of hits. Some of the hits will be because your name is not unique and the other person might have some naughty habits.

I've tried and it turns out that I have a namesake (without the middlename thank God) that likes to rate cafés while using bad spelling and who is looking for a wife from Thailand! Propably the same guy that an emergency service keep trying to reach at my phone number and that haven't paid a heating bill in Pile Allé, a bill that I got instead. Another namesake plays little league soccer.

And then there's a lot of references to me...I wonder why:-) Actually I got 945 hits on Google. Quite a bit I think. But not as much as your 2450!

So no matter how carefull we are today we can't avoid getting on the Internet from time to time so I guess you have done the right thing by not crossing any lines.:-)

Anonymous said...

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