Absense without leave

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Was striked by desperation yesterday. For 5 hours I tried to reach Miss Fan on the phone. I think I pressed the speed-dialer at least 50 times. No reply. Which was odd. As a matter of fact it has never happened before. I mean, she calls me sharp 8 every morning, then around 10, always during lunch to talk for at least 20 minutes, at 2 pm and around 5 pm she checks up on me again. If she's scheduled a meeting, I know about it, and she always rings me as soon as the meeting is over never mind which hour.

It sounds like an addiction, and in a way it is. We are not discussing private issues such as children or pets or men though. Our business is strictly business, so when I need to speak to Miss Fan, it's because I have a serious problem that only she can solve. But for 5 hours she decided to be un-reachable. And I was slightly panicking. At some point I thought I'd done something wrong. But after serious evaluation conclusion was that whatever I'd done, it still wouldn't explain her hostility to speak to me. Normally I receive an angry email if I've trimbled and then that's that.

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y she called me! - Claiming that she'd switched off the phone accidently - and didn't know how! - No wonder why I'd been forced to hear the metallic ISpeak woman yealling in my ear "You will now be transferred to the information bar. Please leave a message after the beep" - 50 times.

Sorry Miss Fan, but you need to read the instruction book, because whenever I dial your number, it's an emergency!

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Christopher Raun Leth said...

We do get a bit addicted to our technology. I have a nasty habbit of turning my phone off in weekends when I'm tired of speaking with people. Result? "Why didn't you answer your phone? Was something wrong?"

"No, I just needed some peace and quiet."

Too many people think that everyone should be able to reach everybody else no matter time and place. I don't. Yes, there can be an emergency at work or private, but most things can actually wait for a few hours...or days. So I
encourages friends and relatives to text me, use my voicemail or send an email if it's important. Then they might reach me given time. But I want to be able to switch off when I need some peace.

People think I'm crazy...let them think that!

Anonymous said...

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