60 years of blindness

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has been an on-going issue for the past 60 years.
Out of this conflict uncountable wars have been fougt - mostly in other countries. Lebanon for instans has suffered tremendously as a result of this conflict.

Israels point is its right to defend itself. To defend itself from attacks from Hamas, Israel decided to proceed with a fullscale war against the Hamas stronghold Gaza.

I don't support Hamas. Hamas is a fundamentalist and extremist group of people with no desire for peace and cooperation. Hamas sees the civil population in Gaza merely as victims that can be used for higher propaganda purposes. And as recruits to the next generation of terrorists.

Unfortunately the more civilians who dies in Gaza, the more Hamas will succeed in its aim.

Israel has chosen to launch its campaign in the shadow of a paralyzed American political administration. Knowing that schism between an outgoing and an incoming president puts any strong reaction on standby until further notice. The UN Security Council has excluded itself from everything by allowing permanent member states to veto against anything that would put contributions from the jewish voters on stake. In the light of this Israel has free hands to proceed with something that can be associated with the destruction of Warsaw in 1944.

EU has sent a delegation to Tel Aviv to discuss the matter with the Israelean government and with the Palestinian president. Unfortunately, Mr. Abbas is not speaking on behalf of the Palestinian majority. Question therefore is: Will EU be able to achieve anything?

The other questions one could raise are: Are we interested in resolving the conflict at all? Do we care about the survival of the 1 1/2 millions living in Gaza? Or do we after all feel that it's somehow convenient to let the Israelis do the dirty work for us?


Christopher Raun Leth said...

The conflict will continue just as long as one part see it as a means to reach its goal, that being either security or power (Hamas wants power, the Israelis security). The second both parts realise that they achive absolutely nothing by continuing then the conflict stops, the key element here being BOTH parts: It only takes one part to start a war but two to stop it again. I'm not sure that we outsiders have a change of stopping it unless they are interested in our help to save face. They have to live with each others and therefore have to be actively seeking peace for peace to work.

Asta said...

Which none of the parties are very interested in. However I do believe that if the international community responded with firmness, parties would be forced to negotiate.
What I react to is our constant blindness towards Israel, USA and the UN as well as the extremists. Because at the end of the day, Europe will suffers from this conflict as we always chooses to stand by USA instead of striving for a European solution.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

The International community might be able to force Israel to negotiate but how do we force Hamas to do the same? I agree that we will suffer if the conflict is not solved but it's a conflict with very deep roots so it's not as easy as that. Also I think that to us it's very difficult to understand exactly what's the cause of the conflict and how we can get the two parts to talk for a change. Remember too that only Hamas is in conflict and not the PLO. Those two organizations have no love lost towards each other. The French and Egyptians have succeeded in getting a ceasefire today but for a longterm solution we have to involve Iran, Syria, USA, UK and Turkey among others. And getting them to agree on anything other than the present weather conditions might take a small miracle.

Asta said...

Yeah, and that is one of the major problems. Because turning to the Palestinian president Abbas, is not the way to get Hamas to negotiate. Most Palestinians - even those on the Westbank do not support Abbas and the PLO, they support Hamas.
I think the conflict has its roots in the Balfour declaration from 1928. There will never be peace before we recognise Palestine as a suverane state, and West will never do that as long as Israel exists. That's the basic problem. What's going on now is just a repeat of previous events, and we prefer to turn the blind eye, because it's too difficult to handle.