Media ethics?

News media is often getting very close in order to give us the "best" and most speaking pictures. - Right now people in Gaza are suffering, and to give us a glimpse of the suffering, we get pictures of severe injured people rushed to the hospital, bodies of dead people and frustrated doctors and nursing staff trying to work in overcrowded hospitals with very little or no medical equipment.

We see these pictures in the newspaper and on TV, and it's become an accepted form of news reporting.

I never really questioned this in the past, however today I saw a video that's been broadcasted on several internet papers, naimly the video showing John Travoltas 16 year old son being rushed to hospital in an ambulance at the Bahamas. - What striked me in that moment was the complete lack of ethics that the person who recorded the video showed.

I mean - here we have an ambulance, carrying a child who'se in need of immidiate surgery or help. Most likely his parents are there as well. And the emergency staff are being prevented from doing their job, because someone's desperately trying to earn a buck on a breaking news story.

I'm a mother. And I know how I would feel if I was seeking emergency help for one of my daughters, but being prevented from my privacy from someone who's got nothing to do there. I would kill the bloody bastard!

I understand the need for important news. But there is a fine line between important news and violation of privacy. And the question I now ask myself is - isn't media violating peoples privacy in Gaza as well when filming dying or injured people? - These people have parents and relatives too. They don't deserve being used in medias need of making money either.


Passion for crime

I've said it 100 times before: I hate TV! The only thing I bother to invest time in is English Masterpiece anthology TV series as Frost, Midsomer Murders, Inspector Lynley and Inspector Morse.

The reason why I prefer these series is because the characters in the series are much more real life persons than American crime series will ever be able to produce. American TV-series consist of dolls and empty dialogues. There's no sophistication. - As a contrast, English cr
ime series are full of interesting characters and very sophisticated dialogues. And often with a distiguished touch of delicate sense of black humour which I love.

Last night I watched Inspector Lewis. - Originally Lewis was Inspecor Morse's DS, but Morse died a coupple of years ago and Lewis took over.

Morse was one of a kind. Noone knew his first name. He was just Inspector Morse. He was driving a Jaguar, he enjoyed red wine, whisky and pint. He was a cryptic crosswords expert and opera fantast. Grumpy but sharp brained.

Lewis is not nearly as sophisticated as his late gov was, which could be a disturbing element since Lewis is stationed in Oxford and most of the plots involves distigueshed teachers, students or former students at the University of Oxford. To rectify his possible shortcomings, Lewis got DS James Hathaway. DS Hathaway is not Oxford - He's Cambridge. He's sophisticated, sharp brained, humorous and plays guitar in the genre world music inspired by classical madrigal. He's a fast reader and quotes Nietzsche.
And he smokes.

There's never much blood in these series. They're cryptical, and you can't take a 5-minute nap, because if you do you'll miss an important point.

So next time you find yourself sitting in front of the plasma altar in a more or less unconscious state of mind, boring yourself to death with CSI or Bones, turn it off! - And for the sake of your sanity: Get yourself a collection of English Masterpiece crime series and ENJOY!


The last day of the Year

New Years Eve!

Best day of the year!

A day for reflections over the year we're leaving and for wishes for the new year.

- Often when sitting at my balcony in the dark, I see shooting stars. I wish for something. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. A shooting star is a sign. Every evening I can see the planet of Venus shining. That's a sign too. Venus is the Planet of Fortune. Wishes for the future are often just wishes. To make them come true you need to be active. Ask the stars for help and they will guide you.


Posted by Asta


Myspace at Facebook

Read in the morning paper that UK band Gorillaz has 682872 friends (sixhundredeightytwothousandeighthundredandseventytwo) on Myspace. Wow! - THAT is a lot of friends!

- I have 100 friends - all of them (except for 1) are bands, artists and festivals, so there's not so much friendship in these contacts. Though I do get some very nice comments and greetings from some of the artists on a regular basis.

Myspace is an interesting site. It's being presented as a social network. - Can be interpreted as you like. It's being used by artists to promote themselves. It allows them to have a closer contact with their fans. On the surface. Cause it is a one-way communication. It's not a dialogue. How would they be able to manage it anyway? - They would need an army of people doing nothing else but communicate with fans. Not very likely, but certainly very popular-:)!

Apart from this Myspace is out-dated and old fashioned. There're a lot of restrictions etc. Facebook as application is better and more user friendly. Nicer layout etc.

Then why am I on Myspace? - Because I get the information I need directly from the source via bulletins and blogs. And - it gives me the ability to actually hear the music I like. That's less possible without Myspace or Facebook or YouTube. Because public radio and MTV has been taken over by pop and hip-hop, and good old metal has vanished from the air.

Do I like Myspace? - .......... .............?



First day back at work after the holidays. Still have a MEGA cold, feeling very sorry for myself. Was waiting for someone to pitty me and send me home. Unfortunately there's been some miss in my calculation. I'm the only one around.
Anyway it was nice to be back. Though the number of emails received is out of proportions. Perhaps I made a mistake there as well, because I think I forgot to switch on the Out of Office Assistant........ Which resulted in a large number of pushy mails such as

- Hello, are you there?

- Why are you not answering me?

- Your phone is switched off. Why is that?

- Please call me!

- You didn't call me back. Now it's rather urgent!

On the other hand I also received a lot of last minute christmas offers from all sorts of companies. - For instans Debenham offers me a 50% discount on the shoes I've been looking for ............. SPAM!! - I wonder why anyone would even consider to send last minute christmas offers to a mailing list of people (read women) who most likely already are in their private space, thinking food and sweets only, 2 days before christmas!?!

All in all spent most of my working day on reading out-dated emails, getting some sort of order in the chaos. I wonder why people use email as chat? - As if I was some sort of personal adviser who automatically converte all your question marks into exclamation


The jungle

Today I feel sorry for myself. I have a cold. My nose is running. My head feels twice as big as yesterday. I look and feel like stew from last year.

I got the advice to drink a glas of whisky. Too bad I don't like whisky. The only time I tasted whisky, it took me 2 hours to catch my breath again.

Last night we were invited to dinner with Freddies family.

It's interesting to see the difference between families. Freddies family is a very functional family. They respect each other. They're all very down to earth without any weird ideas about themselves or others.
My family is a bit different. I think it has to do with genes. From my side of the family, we have inherited darkness. We are not dis-functional, but we have the darkness inside of us that forces us to question ourselves endlessly. We're never quite satisfied with ourselves. We doubt ourselves. We seek for perfection. Which is a burden.

We are the "pefect" people. We are very modest and low profiled people. We don't speak our minds out loudly. If someone gives us a black eye, we apologize.

We are very well aware of the psycological mecanisms in our behaviour. We know the answers to why, how and when. Still we are what we are. It all goes back to the gifts that you got in your cradle. We are the truth. Everything else is just imitation.