The Colonel and other horrors

With sincere honesty in my voice I am able to decline any participation in next Saturdays horrors. - Because I will be away on yet another trip. To Stockholm again during the whole week, and the week thereafter to Gothenburg. And I have to wash my clothes as well, right!?!

I like travelling. Though I prefer to sleep in my own bed. Bu it's always nice to meet new people.

Hopefully I will find some time over to buy christmas gifts. - I have no idea what to buy for Miss Winty and Freddie or for Miss Mocca. But something creative will probably come to my mind.

In Gothenburg I will meet with the whip to the Bosses Boss. I call her the Colonel. She is so focused at her work that she most of the time forgets that she has a son. Whenever she's being reminded bad concious strikes her. It's way out. She's not dedicated to or engaged in her work. She's bloody obsessed!

For some odd reason, the Colonel likes me a lot, and she always tells me about the complications of her love life in a very entertaining way. I for my sake find it very hard to visiualize the Colonel having som many admirors as she obviously has. - Perhaps men prefers dominante women?


Brain defueling and escalators

Home again after 2 hectical days in Stockholm. The purpose was to defuel the inside of my upper floor for any creative idea coming up about a very specific subject.

I'm quite often being invited for this sort of sessions, and I love it. It's like opening a tap. It's just pouring out. When it's enough, the tap is closed again and I can go home, completely exhausted.

The exercise requires a continous non-stop intake of good food and lots of water and coffee, because I burn huge amounts of energy and calories. And the belly demands to be fed at least every 4th hour.

Yesterday evening I dined in Kungshallen. Had Danish open cut sandwiches (not exactly as we make them in Denmark, but almost), and a super delicious Creme Brule (un-fortunately miss a vital sign on my keyboard. Sorry) - is pronounced bryll - with preserved rasperies.

On this trip I've realised that I need to visit an expert in hysteria. My fear of escalators has now reached unrealistic proportions, and it's beginning to get on my nerves. 3 times during the past 2 days I've been watching a movie featuring myself in the leading role, in a horizontal position - with the head first of course - flying down into the big, black nothing, landing with my forehead smashing into the ground on the subways platform section 3 stores below. - I promise you, it's not a very good movie. It's also playing backwards. - That doesn't make it any better.


Private space

The past couple of days I might have given you the feeling that I have some sort of fear of people crossing my private space. - I do.

I can't have anyone entering my private space uninvited. I hate the abominable practice as a part of people's practice of kissing strangers in the face. Or backclappers(read stappers) praising my amazing abilities. BVADR!

Nor do I appreciate others giving me advice about how I should be or look. I don't know what to do about it. If I need an advice I will ask for it.

Unfortunately I was taught always to be polite and kind and understanding no matter what. Which occasionally causes a lot of inner fights. I would love to be able to put people in place so they can understand it. Instead it becomes something half woolen something that just leads to others to perceive me as strange.

Which is why I avoid the yearly christmas-come-together at the companys expenses, which is an almost holy phenomena that we must overcome every year.

A couple of times I've been ordered to participate. And what happens? As soon as we have been seated to eat a nice and quiet dinner, the claims and complaints about this and that begins. For example about the wages. Or whatever else people can find energy to complain about.

And there is always someone who starts to cry, and there is always someone falling ill. And then I'm expected to take care of it, as if I should see it as a vocation. I'm unable to decline. Because I am sober, I'm automatically compared with the bosom Heart accurate Samaritan. But honestly. I have other things to do than to sit in a bathroom in my nice clothes holding a second adult in the forehead, and say "Ah" and "Poor you".




I'll be going to Stockholm Thursday and Friday. To participate in a meeting. I have to get up at 4 am Thursday morning, because the train leaves at 5.42 and since I have a number of routines I need to follow................. I think you can imagine the scenario.

I normally book me in at Scandic, but ever since they became a part of the Hilton empire, the standard has decreased to a level lower than the basement.

I think it's the lowest of the lowest to leave just 1 bath towel for a female guest.
I think it's even lower to remove moisters and other such stuffs that can make a womans day smell good.

Even the coffee machine has been removed.

And they've cut down on the numbers of TV-channels. Not that I watch TV but I think it's a human right to have access to at least the possibility to choose.

And constantly I am being reminded to pay attention to the protection of the environment by using my wet towel again.

I rather stay on private owned hotels or - as in this week - at SAS Radisson, which is less expensive, but also less low.
Another good thing about this is, that I won't jump into colleagues who I most desperately try to avoid in the lift, in the lobby or when I digest my breakfast. Because it feels like being under constant survaillance. Not that I have anything to hide, but honestly. You don't choose your colleagues yourself - the boss does. And the boss also experience crazy days.

Please take a look at my desk. I am sure you understand my saying........


Die Wunderbare Affen

It has been snowing for the past couple of days, so I haven't felt for going outside. Unfortunately I had to this morning, because it's Monday and I work Monday to Friday. Or to be more specifik, I am at my job. Whether I actually work depends on how you look at it.

Yesterday I spent the whole day inside the warm appartment. Miss Winty stopped by. Deepfrozen. The little fool was just wearing a sweatshirt and a thin jacket - in minus 10 degrees. I gave her my new, black doubble-lined overcoat. I didn't buy it because I needed it, but because I thought it was fancy. Been wearing it 5 times, so it's almost new. Now it hangs on Miss Winty, and it hangs well there.

Alex and Calle are 2, in Sweden, famous and notorius bloggers working for the newspaper Aftonbladet. They share my feeling about work - it's nice to have, but it steals most of your time, and if you want to have a little fun at work, you have to take the initiative and contribute with whatever you have.

And Alex and Calle understands how to practice the What if I thought to the limit. And perputate if for the whole world. The latest maniac contrivance is Let's blow the boss. I've linked the video, because it's impossible to explain. You have to see it. - The video starts out with an advertise, and then ..............


Just in time for this years salary negotiations, or....?
What annoys me most about this is that they created the ideá first. Damn it!