Thomas Treo and his PMS

Number of people making me very tired: 2 Number of coffees: Too many Roses: 1

Thomas Treo has PMS again. I wonder why he reviews music, because when calling himself Treo, he must have some sort of serious problem. Constant headaches for example.

I said it when Treo reviewed the Marilyn Manson concert and when he reviewed the Meat Loaf concert: It's quite allright to have a personal opinion, but as a reviwer you need to be slightly more nuanced than Treo is, and not just butcher people. - I was there, experiencing the reality, and my experience were opposite yours, right?!?

And now Treo wrote yet another review which is over the line. The review of Guns and Roses new album "Chinese Democracy".

We've been waiting for 17 years for that album. Never thought it would come out. But it's here now, and Treo reviewed it. - Unfortunately.

Already when reading the headline you understand that the old Rose is a massive thorn in Treos eye. - Not that Treo ever bothers to tell us why, but perhaps Axl offended Treo on a personal level once upon a time in the dizzy past: Nicked a girlfriend, threw a bottle in Treos face, or simply refused to answer a question. - Who knows?

Whatever reasons for the bad vibrations, the review is dripping acid of hate and personal anti-feelings against Axl Rose. And we read that the album is shit. Treo calls it devestating poor. - Actually he uses a phrase, which is impossible for me to translate properly, but he calls Axl an asshole and claims that he's nothing.

So what do you do? Because I can't comment on or discuss something that I haven't heard or seen. However I did read the review in Rolling Stones and find it very hard to believe that their rewiers are tone deaf.

I decided to follow the call and logged on Myspace and listened - together with 3 million other people - to Chinese Democracy on Friday night. I heard the album 4 times. And Treo - frankly. You are too old and too blocked in your brain for your job. Because it's a good album. Lots of variation. Not at all Guns and Roses as they used to sound. Fortunately enough. Axl developed and grew up. - 1 track is not my cup of tea, but the rest of it is very good. So good that I will buy the album for my collection. And trust me on this: I select carefully.

Being a musician is a profession. It's like being a carpenter, an electrician or a teacher. And Treo - is it impossible for you to respect the skilled professional Axl Rose enough to be able to listen to his work with an open mind, free of all preconcieved ideas based on events that happened 20 years ago?

Treo: As I wrote to you last night: Have a breakdown and move on. Take a Treo, put it in a glas of water and join the rest of us down here at the planet Earth.

For those of you who understands Danish, please find the full review from Treo below:



WMA - Un-necessary and Waste of Time

Klaus Riskaer continues his trend with psycotic mind blurr that noone understands, and today I wrote to him and asked why he insists on taking oss to another planet which we don't want to go to.
I did not receive any reply so far. He might never answer my question. Perhaps he doesn't think it's necessary to reply to the comments he receives, or maybe he doesn't read them.

I'll let Klaus rest a couple of days. I can always get back to him later on.

Now let's get down to the subject of the day!

WMA has been reduced to some sort of hip-hop stage. I can't stand hip-hop. I think it's heavily over-advertised. And I don't understand why it is considered to be more room clean than Metal. If you bother to listen to the lyrics or check out the artists behaviour. Most hip-hopartists are not musicians or real artists. They just know how to handle a computer. So do I! Does that make me a good artist?

I try to imagine what it would be like to listen to the same rhythm, the same 3 chords and the same 4 lines for 1 1/2 hour. - I think it would drive me nuts. Sorry, but that's how I feel about hip-hop.

I watched WMA USA this year on MTV, because I didn't have anything better to do that day. And what do I see? Some - as it seems - highprofiled hip-hopper wearing dreadlocks jumping around on stage more or less in his own selfish world, in a pair of expensive trousers hangingon his knees. Showing up his presumably expensive but not so attractive underwear.

I forgot his name, I forgot the tune (not really sure if it can becalled a tune), I forgot the lyrics. This guy could be the highest paid artist in the world for that matter. I couldn't care less. As I recall it, he received an award. Don't remember in which category.

But what I do remember is, that he arrived at the red carpet on top of an elephant.- And that it was considered to be very cool.

The funny thing is - and this just tells me that peoples view on what's cool depends on WHO does it - if Marilyn Manson had arrived at the red carpet on top of an elephant, he would have been criticized and accused of being mean to animals.

But what's the difference? Can anyone explain to me?

Personally I prefer Marilyn Manson. He's miles ahead of the nutty hip-hop bloke. Because Manson has a message. He can perform and he knows what music is about. - I don't think that the hip-hop pinocchio has a message. And he certainly doesn't know a thing about music, that's for sure. And besides - he's got no style. WHO wants to see a mans dirty underwear - I just ask?

Check the video "I hate hip hop and I love death metal" her


The Globalized nuclear family

Just read an article in a Danish newspaper today that discusses new concepts for children care in the global community.

The debate was opened by a highly controversal man who currently resides in a prison cell. He was convicted for various economic crimes. Anyway. He needs to keep himself occupied, so he has started a blog with the purpose to provoke.

So far so good. However, what annoys me is, that he uses an overly ambitious language that drives me insane, because he looses touch with the people he wants to provoke, namely parents. He has taken the debate about children and day care to another planet because of that ridicolous habbit.

Yesterday he surgested that men and women who retired could take care of the children whose mums and dads are working, instead of sending the children to nursery cares. And that’s okay. He has a point.

But today, he babbles about the "globalized nuclear family". For instans,

"By undercurrent while compensating rebalancing, these shortcomings are compensated by the qualities sought recreated, though by other suppliers and sources. The family is so blurred as a concept in relation to the former fixed-narrow definition based on a biological affiliation, to be a dynamic sliding core of human relations in a virtual space created by the "family feeling". It is the substance of the previous time-quality concept of the nuclear family which is reproduced, more than it is the actual biological family relationship."

Sweaty to translate that, I can tell you.

- I understand the meaning of every single word, however I think he is overdoing it, and because of that his point becomes dizzy. I am being pulled back to the 70-s where everything was so overplayed that the people that the discussion was about and would benefit from it, was unable to participate in any debate due to lack of understanding.

I feel a desperate need to scream: Klaus! Hell! Get a grip!

Maybe you understand Danish? If so, then please read the whole article at

Good Luck!


Miss Wintys birthday will not rock the Globe

Wanted to invite Miss Winty and Freddie to one of the 2 Metallica concerts in Stockholm as a birthday present for Miss Winty. Unfortunately the concerts were sold out in 30 minutes.

What a shame. I wanted to see Metallica. And I get so irritated when realizing that the reason why the concerts were sold out in 30 minutes is because some stupid, ignorant morans have managed to buy more tickets than they actually needed. Not for themselves of course, but to sell at the black market, making themselves an extra buck. Its wrong! - Not only to the fans, but also to the band. They don't get a share of the cake.

Livenation received so many complaints that they actually started an investigation, and one of their re-sellers is no longer allowed to sell tickets. You must pay via the internet. Because there were restrictions for the Metallica concert. Of course. This is a cult band. - You could only buy 6 tickets per person. Nevertheless the re-seller ignored this restriction and sold as many tickets as possible to the same person. And it wasn't just 1 re-seller who did that.

We had tickets for the Slipknot concert last week, and outside the concert hall there were a lot of black market dealers trying to sell tickets 4-5 times over the actual price.
Bad, Bad, Bad!

After the concert, they also tried to sell band merchandise to prices higher than the band is charging for the same stuff.

The interesting thing is, that every time you go to a concert, there's always a lot of police and a lot of security. But they are focusing on the fans only. Never on the black market dealers, which in my mind is completely idiotic, because the fans are not violent or disturbing. They are on their way to a concert which they are looking forward to, and after the concert they are not going to make any trouble, because they're dead-tired. Hello! They've been screaming and jumping and I don't what for 3-4 hours. They just want to go to bed and sleep.

Black market dealers are not interested in the band or the artist giving a concert. They are only there to squeeze you for money. They don't pay tax. They are breaking the law, but apparently the law doesn't



Interesting how many people claim that they have no prejudices about other people. In especially I have noticed this statement coming out of the mouth of young people. They very often claim that we - the old bags - have prejudices about and no acceptance of people being different from the norm.

This is interesting, because that tells me that regardless of age most people fear the unknown.
It doesn't really matter what or how. If you are black in a white community, have a farmers dialect in an urban community, wear punk clothings in a hippie environment, bleeche and strech your hair in an afro club - whatever it is, you deviate from the norm and will be treated with suspiciousness.

When I got my first job in Sweden, everybody praised me for my solid Swedish languageskills because Swedish is not my native language. But after a while I began to realize that it is not just the language that does it. My continental behaviour and humor was not acceptable in the Swedish sphere. I experienced suspiciousness and negative attitude towards me and I felt like an outsider. - It's the small details right - such as the parties you don't get invited to, the roaring silence when you enter the lunch room, the amusing ha, ha, claims about your does related to general misunderstandings about the behaviour in your birth country (For the record- I drink beer all day and eat sausages accordingly).

One of the things that caused me great troubble was my lack of support to the Swedish cult phenomena Fika. Since noone bothered to explain the benefits of Fika to me, I automatically in my continental mind saw it as ridicolous and a complete waste of valuable time. So naturally I didn't adapt the concept. And naturally I became an non-adaptable alien in the minds of my Swedish colleagues. An outsider.

I was mature enough to handle the whole situation with a bit of black humor and ironi, but I can understand if young people facing that attitude takes it to heart. Some of the rudenesses went straight to my heart as well. I have a natural distance towards strangers, and that distance became my wall towards the - as I felt - ignorant Swedes.

Richard D. Lewis wrote the book When Cultures Collide in which he with a great sence of humor reflects on his experiences with culture phenomena. That book is a must if you are in need of a turn-around in the tunnel. I read it in 2 days, and it was so refreshing to meet Richard Lewis reflections on these issues. For me it led to an ability to overcome the obstacles without getting hurt.

I still don't support Fika, but with the guidance from Richard D. Lewis I manage to pretend that I see the benefits, and I can even explain it to you if youd like and make it sound as a perfectly natural feature of everyday life.

Ignorance creates barriers between people. Its YOUR responsibility to tear down YOUR barrier if you expect others to respect YOU as you are.



Hyperenergy and other obstacles: Dangerous thoughts

Hyperenergy and other obstacles: Dangerous thoughts

Dangerous thoughts

Chaotic amounts of thoughts enters the brain. There seems to be no end. The speed is 170 mph - at least that's what it feels like. The brain never rests. Accidents are inevitable. Huge crash, then silence. The race is restarted and very soon the accelerator is in the bottom again, slowly pushed down by an invisible hand.

Cruise control is out of order. Breaks are inoperative.

How fast can you think? Does the brain have a speed limit? How many thoughts can the brain absorbe per hour? Does the brain contain a parkinglot - or a loading area? Is the brain one giant airport where flights take off and land every second of the life?

Is it possible to control thoughts floating around the brain?

Can you control your mind? Can you describe a restricted area in the brain and make it your time out space where thoughts are not allowed? Like dogs and women at Aussi pubs 30 years ago? (Ooops - was it ME saying that?!?

Whenever a thought lands another thought must take off. Who is the leader organizing the chaos? Is the decision based on chance or is there a carefully planned course? Am I Homer Simpson or Billy Butt?

If I drink too much, will the brain end up floating around in liqour? Will it explode?

Is the brain a desert island?

Am I blond?


Absinthe - Myths and Joy

Absinthe became a very popular drink among artists in particular in France by the end of the 19th century. However Absinthe is surrounded by myths.

For a long time it was banned from the restaurants drink lists, but recent years it's become popular again. Mainly because of the movie "Moulin Rouge".

It is trendy and decadent among rock artists and their fans to drink Absinthe in huge amounts. You get drunk faster than you can count to 3, because of the high volume of alcohol. 65-80% alcohol is the norm.

The main herbs used to produce Absinthe is Grande W
ormwood, Anise and Fennel. - Which explains why some people compares Absinthe with drugs. Wormwood in itself is pure poison.

When we think of Absinthe we think of a green coloured fluid. However another very popular Absinthe is the Spanish Serpis Absenta, which is abricot coloured. The alcohol volume that Serpis Absenta holds is just 55%.

The drink should be enjoyed as a normal long drink. Whether it's the green or the red Absinthe you choose to drink, take the opportunity to serve it the traditional way with sugar and water. Don't drink it pure, and don't put fire to a glas of Absinthe. It'll explode in your face. - And frankly there are better ways to meet the New Year than in a hospital bed!

The only way to find out if Absinthe is a myth or just an ordinary drink is to try it out.

If you want to learn more about Absinthe check out the following website:


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