Hyperenergy and other obstacles: Hypercreativity or just too much booze?


Hypercreativity or just too much booze?

Anyone who reads the entertainment news are well familiar with Dita. She is an example of a completely faked pin-up from the 1950'ies. However she does it very good. I don't want to call her beautiful, but she has an interesting look.

Unfortunately for Dita she got herself a copycat. Not a very good one to be honest, but a copycat she has.

It's not hilarious - it's pathetic. No matter which excuse you can come up with.

To copy another woman who is still alive, that's never a good idea. Actually it's one of the 7 death sins.

Imagine what would have happened if anyone had tried to copy Mae West. Do you think they would have gotten away with it, without a fight? - Hardly.

On the album "Eat me, Drink me" there is a track called "Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery"

Let's for a moment pretend that it is Dita who performs this song

Hey! There's no rules today.
You steal instead of borrow.
You take all the shapes that I make.
And you think
That you thought
All the thoughts
That I thought you,Don't you?
Mutilation's the most
Sincere form of flattery.
If you want to be me,Then stand in line like the rest.
Now, do you know what I mean?
The young get less bolder
The legends get older
But I stay the same
As long as you have less to say
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
Fuck you


People and People

Blogging is high fashion. Everybody blogs. Including me.

Some woman labored over bloggers who have less than 100 readers a day. She thought they should lay down their efforts. She claimed that it is ridiculous to write for oneself. I think she has misunderstood the whole concept of blogging.

I blog because I need to discuss and ventilate issues on my mind. I don't have others but my husband to talk to, so naturally I find other ways. And the blog is the ultimate solution. I don't have to be perfect in writing and grammar, and I don't have to be a journalist to get my thoughts printed in a newspaper - even if it's just a web paper.

Another vey important reason is, that I can be as provocative as I wish to be in my blog and write about anything I like, even subjects that can be categorized as taboo. The risk of getting a hand grenade through my windows is below Zero. Because I choose to use a synonym when blogging. I'm not sissy, just being practical.

A lot of celebrities are blogging. And to be honest, they've got as little to say or as much to say - depending which side you're on - as I have, but since they are famous, they get a lot of readers. But what is the difference between a celebrity blogger and a blogger from the real world? Yeah, sure, I might not be an expert in fashion. But hey! How many celebrities are? They leave it to their stylists to pick and dress, right?!?

I can be nice and I can be mean. The blog is the free place for the free word. My free space, where I can let loose and ignore the consequences.

So you, woman who told me to quit. I have to disappoint you. I'm not quitting. Because your opinion is indifferent to my well-being. I don't care about your opinion because your attitude insinuates that some are better than others. And that makes me indignant.

Slipknot at "Hovet", Stockholm, November 12, 2008


Marilyn Manson at "Hovet", Stockholm, December 15, 2008

Asta Talks: Strangers on a train

Asta Talks: Strangers on a train


Strangers on a train

Had a very strange and in the same time uplifting experience last week when I was away on a business trip.
The train journey took almost 6 hours all in all, and halfway there was a 15 minute stop at a local railway station. So I went out to get some fresh air (coming out of a cigarette). While standing there on the platform minding my own business, a young man came over to me and initiated a conversation. He was not a day older than 23, so I was actually wondering if he was blind, talking to a stranger of the opposite sex 20 years older than him.

However, I am open minded, so I talked to him.

It turned out that the reason why he wanted to talk to me was that he had personal problems and needed to speak to a total stranger for a good advice. So I gave him advice, and he was happy.

I thought it all through, because it does happen from time to time that complete strangers come forward and ask me for advice. I think it has to do with my friendly face and body language. Come to think of it, it's actually very flattering.

So think twice next time a stranger talks to you. Be open minded. It could be someone who just wants a chunk of your life experience. - It confirms that you are probably wise. And after all - being considered wise is the ultimate form of flattery.

“Flattery makes friends and truth makes enemies.”