The true teachning

Read that only 14% are smoking in Sweden. That I can understand considering how damn difficult life as a smoker has become. Inhaling and buying is almost impossible. I know that smoking is dangerous, however deep down inside I feel, that I as an adult have my constitutional right to choose how I want to ruin my health.

I've been smoking for so many years that I forgot to count. - Is it worth upsetting myself because of that? - This is my only bad habbit in this life. Some people drink alcohol in large quantities, others stuff themselves with candy and sweets. Others eat a lot of medicine. I smoke. So what?!?

I feel discriminated.

- Now take this smoking thing. It has become more than difficult to buy ones little package of Prince with skull artifact and absurd threat texts.

For instans, most shops now have a system where one only can get ones hands on the beloved package if you are taller than 5.57ft. And I am - as you all know only 4.88ft. So what can I do? If you are my size it's just your bad luck.

In other shops, we must direct an electronic pawn forward, pay for it at the desk, and then look for the cigarette machine usually standing somewhere outside the shopping area. Just finding the electronic pawns is a task for Sherlock Holmes.

Moreover, it outrages me how they, for my money by the way, fills the goddamn packages with ridiculous threats, as for example that the men sperm quality deteriorates by smoking. - Or that smokers run a greater risk of continuing a genetic disease than non-smokers. The most disingenuous crap! Absolutely no scientific evidence for the allegations. But apparently smokers must swallow all sorts of idiotic lies.

Imagine if we began to warn about the harm alcohol may cause to your health on wine labels or liqour bottles.

- Would never work. There would be a revolution. 99% of the population drinks alcohol. And alcohol is party and colors, isn't it?

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