Tremors comes in different sizes

06.20 this morning people woke up feeling the earth shaking real hard. With their usual sense of exaggeration, the Extra Bladet Web Paper announced that shaking was so powerful that it could "be felt throughout the country." - Apparently Copenhagen has extended since I was there in July.

Anyway. 4.8 is a fairly strong quake. And the epi centre was in Southern Sweden. Specifically just outside Ystad. From a reliable source who lives there I've been told that the quake was so strong that she fell out of her bed.
But all of this is of course completely overshadowed by the main news of the day: Stein has landed! With Delta Airlines straight from LAX 08.32 am.

At present time everybody knows who Stein is. However, when I first heard about Stein - because I don't live in Denmark - I got the impression that we were talking about Heinrich Friedrich Karl Reichsfreiherr vom und zum Stein. Though he's been dead for quite many years, and was by the way not a crook allthough he was an entrepreneur.

The highly publicized Stein appeared to be Stein Bagger, Contractor of the Year in Denmark in 2008. Unfortunately also disappeared from the earth's surface, highly inconvenient to his investors whose money were also missing.

In particular, the country known comedian Finn Nørbygaard, who apparently had lost so much money that he no longer could afford to pay for refueling of his Mercedes. (Found the picture from the survaillance camera). Trapped by the surveillance camera he had to ask the whole of Denmark for forgiveness.
A lot of other famous people came forward and admitted they'd been deceived. The central person in the story however had vanished from the earth. Until the day when Stein Bagger rolled in at a local police station in Los Angeles and asked to be arrested.

Now he's back in Denmark, and this morning he admitted fraud. I look forward to hear the rest of the fascinating story. The entertainment value is fully in line with the story of the man who sold the Eiffel Tower and other stories in that genre.


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Yes, the story about Stein Bagger is a bit tragicomic. A lot of people got served a story that seemed to good to be true...and it was. A conman trigged them out of their money while they smiled and thought they would get rich. What really bothers me is that there are people who think he is a hero. He is not. He is a common criminal and the only difference between him and a bankrobber is that his weapon of choice was sweet words instead of a gun.

Regarding the earth quake I didn't notice it, maybe because I was in the shower at the moment. Maybe I'll feel the next one in 20 years? I'll try to be ready:-)

Asta said...

I think Stein is a crook. However I do believe that we need people like him occasionally, just to get us to stop and think. It's like Kurt Thorsen or Riskär. Without them no one would have asked what moral is. And I think moral is the key word here. I also think that these people who has celebrated Stein Bagger and given him money and now lost everything have themselves to blame, because he told them he would make them rich and they wanted to be rich. Money talks! Especially when it comes with a smile.
I don't believe Stein has been blackmailed. But I don't think he's very intelligent either. However. In 6-7 years when he gets out of prison he will digg up the money and live the viva loca.

You must be the only Dane that did not notice the quake-:))

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Actually only half of people in Copenhagen noticed the quake, something to do with being a heavy sleeper, a house that faced the wrong way or a multitude of other reasons. I did notice it...when the radio started to blabber about it:-)

You're probably right that the money will mysteriously reappear when he gets out of yail. And yes, from time to time people has to remember that you might be able to get rich quick, but only if you have no sense of moral. Honest people has to do honest work to earn money.

Asta said...

The most interesting thing is the wife and his partners claiming that they knew nothing. But if you hire a bodyguard from Hells Angels you gotta have something to hide, right? I would have asked what the problem was if I was them. But apparently they chose to close their eyes.
I think the best way to get rich is to work hard and take care of your savings. However with the lack of moral and ethics in the financial sector it's difficult to keep the savings anywhere else but in the madrass.....

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Art may be a solution instead of banks, stocks and the madrass. I mean, a nice Picasso like Steins won't devalue in a hurry. :-)