After 21 years Mr Asta and I kinda know each others weak sides, and surely Mr Asta knows exactly which buttons to push if he needs a nice little argument with me. Usually we never fight, because most of the time I pretend I don't hear that he pulled the trigger.

Thursday morning was one of these mornings where I heard it, and it was much too early in the day to just pull a spell on him and move on.

We were supposed to leave at 4.45 - Mr Asta was to drive me to my Kick-Off transportation. But at 4.45 he was still in the bathroom - not at all ready to leave. I reminded him on our agreement, and his response was like "Why are you fuzzing over this - they'll wait for you".

- So I got annoyed (translation: pissed off). This is not what I want to hear that early in the morning, so - yes - I shouted at him. When we finally got into his car - I say his because the older men gets the more sophisticated toys they need, and right now he desperately needs a BMW 320 turbo - What happens? I managed to spill coffee all over myself.

When we arrived my meeting spot I was so angry, that I just rushed out of the car and slammed the door without saying goodbye or stick it up yours. I decided never to speak to him again, and that this was the final drop.

Late Thursday evening Mr Asta phoned me asking if I was still upset with him. At that time I'd almost forgotten the dispute, so we made friends again. Which was more mature of us than screaming garbage in each others ears.

Come to think of it, it would have been rather difficult to explain to Miss Winty and Miss Mocca that I filed for a divorce because of a spilled cup of coffee.

"Consideration and little care means so much"
A. A. Milne, Author


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Better bring my helmet - I think I've even got one in Mr. Astas size:-) Good thing it's a cold place you live - it makes it easy to cool down again;-)

Asta said...

Ha, ha, ha!
I think it's a matter of timing! and his was so wrong......