There - right in the middle of her forehead!

Have you thought about how many people that gets anxiety attacks when they see wrinkles - even when the wrinkles is placed in the forehead of another human being?
I've had wrinkles in my forehead ever since I was 18. So-called intellect wrinkles. - Occasionally it irritates me, and I think of laser and botex, but most of the time I'm quite proud of them. They are a part of my personality.

Wrinkels associates with age. And you get that discrete question: "When do you retire?" - NEVER! I plan to work till I drop down dead. What else can I spend time on? - Can't sit 20 hours a day at the internet. I'll turn blind. Experimenting in the kitchen so Mr Asta can run back and forth between home and the hospitals poison center? - His life insurance isn't lucrative enough. And besides, getting away with murder will only leave me all by myself with the bleeping domestic work that I hate!

"Many are never quite the same age as oneself"
Tove Ditlevsen, Author


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Isn't wrinkels a sign that you have turned wise and full of understanding? Or is it just an excuse for not having to use arguments when you put statements on the table? You just have to say that you're long experience tells you that the case is such and such and all fall down in awe of your wisdom :-). As said before; age is a question of perception in oneself ... and others. Unfortunately people tend to put other people in a figuratively box based on their age. When people reach a certain age they are seen as mumbling drooling fools no better than small children. Please keep me (and yourself) out of that box:-)

Asta said...

Ha, ha, you are ever so right!
It's interesting that age is so important to us. It's really just a fictive number that doesn't say anything about us or our values.
I see myself as wise and understanding. The older I get the more laissez faire I also get. But that's being interpreted as a negative thing, which I don't think it is. My carrier is behind me. Ambitions is tuned down. That gives me an opportunity to explore life in a much different way than 10 years ago.
In the past I wouldn't have shown what's inside of me in public (I mean in a blog), but today it's not so complicated. I am who I am, I can't change that, and I won't. Being myself is one of the real privileges that comes with age.
Another positive thing about getting older is, that I can joke about myself in a much more ironic way than before. I know my strong sides and my weak sides inside and out. But I no longer need to excuse myself. It's okay to be weird now-:))