Straight from the heart

Sitting here listening to one of my favorite albums while reading Miss Moccas blog. She reflects over a lot of things that's been happening to her during her life. I like reading Miss Moccas blog, because what she writes comes from her heart. She's being very honest. And that's cool. Not many people dares to write straight from their heart, including myself.

When we're small children we're being honest and pretty much speak our minds. But the older we get, the more we are being taught to keep a low profile. By parents and by teachers. It's not comme il faut to be honest. We learn to get around the truth and wrap our words into nice gifts with sweet words. Why?

We're supposed to fit into the norms that society decided are right. It's okay to have a personality, as long as it doesn't differ too much from societys personality norms.

Miss Mocca has ADHD. Lots of people have that. - It disqualified her from school and education. Because tolerance is pretty low for people with DAMP or ADHD. They're considered to be trouble makers.

In my mind, Miss Mocca is not a trouble maker. She never was. She is a warm hearted girl. She doesn't create problems. Problems simply find their way to her. And landing in her knee, they simply develope, because she has low patience.

Mr. Asta and I spent hundreds of hours with teachers, doctors, psyciatrists and other "professionals" over the years. Little did it help. Because their philosophy was always some sort of blame game. I could play that game too. But why would I? Miss Mocca is a perfectly normal girl with concentration problems. Lot's of people suffers from that. Lots of people who was never diagnosed as ADHD or DAMP. It's not a sickness. It's a temporary state of mind.

People with ADHD or DAMP are not un-intellegent. On the contrary. Miss Mocca never managed school, but she taught herself to read and write in 3 different languages. She learns by watching movies or TV programmes. She listens to music. She communicates with people. And she has a public blog, where she is being very honest about what's good and what's bad in her life. None of that is new to me. I am not in for a big surprise, because there's always been honesty between me and Miss Mocca. And I am not a complete fool. I have a good ability to figure out things. I know Miss Mocca is not a saint.

I'm very proud of her. It takes a lot of strength to share inner thoughts and mistakes with others. And to overcome the burden of societys weird and bungled norms.


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Who is to say what is normal and what is not? Certainly not I. It would be nice to say the least if others didn't either. To put people in the proverbial box and judging them by one's own standards isn't fair. Miss Mocca is a really nice person who doesn't judge others unless they have done her wrong, and then I think she is in her right to judge. She copes with her problems her own way and she doesn't harm others. I would like her way to be the norm instead of the narrow minded judges's then it would be a nicer world for everyone...

Asta said...

You are so right.
It is so sad to see how people automatically put other people into boxes and categories.
I am so proud of her ability to cope with all the preconcieved ideas that she meets every day!