First day back at work after the holidays. Still have a MEGA cold, feeling very sorry for myself. Was waiting for someone to pitty me and send me home. Unfortunately there's been some miss in my calculation. I'm the only one around.
Anyway it was nice to be back. Though the number of emails received is out of proportions. Perhaps I made a mistake there as well, because I think I forgot to switch on the Out of Office Assistant........ Which resulted in a large number of pushy mails such as

- Hello, are you there?

- Why are you not answering me?

- Your phone is switched off. Why is that?

- Please call me!

- You didn't call me back. Now it's rather urgent!

On the other hand I also received a lot of last minute christmas offers from all sorts of companies. - For instans Debenham offers me a 50% discount on the shoes I've been looking for ............. SPAM!! - I wonder why anyone would even consider to send last minute christmas offers to a mailing list of people (read women) who most likely already are in their private space, thinking food and sweets only, 2 days before christmas!?!

All in all spent most of my working day on reading out-dated emails, getting some sort of order in the chaos. I wonder why people use email as chat? - As if I was some sort of personal adviser who automatically converte all your question marks into exclamation

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Christopher Raun Leth said...

Poor you...hope you get better before New Years Eve. We can't have your sneezes competing with the fireworks;-)

I know the feeling about spam. I hope there's a specially hot place reserved for the spammers, but when you send out a couple of millions emails only a few need to respond for it to be good business. I have several email accounts that I use online so my main accounts won't get filled with junk. Maybe it should cost a cent to send an email?