Sitting at the night train on my way home from Gothenburg. It's 7.46 pm. I'll be home at 7 am tomorrow morning.

It's been a real giving trip. Tough programme - left home 8 am yesterday morning and gave lectures most of today. However I received a very positive response from the audience which makes the whole trip worth the effort.

Had a very nice evening together with Miss Fan (we shared a room at the hotel). Went shopping yesterday evening, and I managed to find the only shop where she could buy one very specific Christmas gift for a friend. Proved my absolute superb talents as pathfinder in Gothenburg and again this morning to the airport, so she let me run the show on my own today. Just introduced herself as my private chauffeur.

So proud of myself. And happy. It's not often I hear that I am good good at what I do.

Another good thing about Miss Fan is, that she when we checked into Hotel Scandic Europe yesterday, managed to check us in as VIP guests, so our breakfast this morning was served in the special VIP lounge at 6th floor. There are people and People! tsk tsk

Oh, yes, and accidently I happened to stumble over a pair of super hot shoes (see picture). They were just shouting YOUR FEET NEED US!

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