Orange anonymity

Once a year I do a complete make-over of myself. Usually right before christmas. Since last christmas my hair has been very dark, but now I decided to use a brownish red colour instead. To get started I removed the almost black colour yesterday. Which means I blonded the hair. When done I realized that I bought the wrong new colour. It's too dark.

So today I had to get down to the supermarket where they sell this stuff and get a better colour.

And my hair is orange, you know!?! Yeah, it looks nice. I look nice. Except on the top of the skalp, where it's actually white. I had to wear a hat. I never wear hats.

- And a lot of make-up, lipstick, painted eyebrows, I mean pure party look. Just hoping I wouldn't meet anyone I know. I did my outmost to hide behind the shelves.

But of course I met people I know. At least 25 persons from work to start with! "Hey Asta. Nice hair colour". Grrrrrrr!!!!! - Just when I really needed to be an Anonymous! And that silly hat. I don't know how they were able to recognize me, cause I was also wearing riding boots and old jacket and jeans. I never wear that sort of clothes in my hometown....... - I don't get it.......?!?

Perhaps my size? Because I am - I guarantee you - the smallest adult in the whole town.

I'm gonna get this fixed today before exposing myself any further. - Or perhaps just add a little carot to the skalp and enter 2009 as an orange...........

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Christopher Raun Leth said...

You could also add some more red and enter as a mobile stop sign:-) Don't expect to be able to hide in a small town. That is virtually impossible. Or you could start not to care what peoble are going to think...you can't change it anyway.