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Read in the morning paper that UK band Gorillaz has 682872 friends (sixhundredeightytwothousandeighthundredandseventytwo) on Myspace. Wow! - THAT is a lot of friends!

- I have 100 friends - all of them (except for 1) are bands, artists and festivals, so there's not so much friendship in these contacts. Though I do get some very nice comments and greetings from some of the artists on a regular basis.

Myspace is an interesting site. It's being presented as a social network. - Can be interpreted as you like. It's being used by artists to promote themselves. It allows them to have a closer contact with their fans. On the surface. Cause it is a one-way communication. It's not a dialogue. How would they be able to manage it anyway? - They would need an army of people doing nothing else but communicate with fans. Not very likely, but certainly very popular-:)!

Apart from this Myspace is out-dated and old fashioned. There're a lot of restrictions etc. Facebook as application is better and more user friendly. Nicer layout etc.

Then why am I on Myspace? - Because I get the information I need directly from the source via bulletins and blogs. And - it gives me the ability to actually hear the music I like. That's less possible without Myspace or Facebook or YouTube. Because public radio and MTV has been taken over by pop and hip-hop, and good old metal has vanished from the air.

Do I like Myspace? - .......... .............?


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Facebook is a rather nice applikation for social networking. Easy and user friendly...but it can steal a lot of time:-)

In Denmark it's not only metal that is kept out of the radio. Also rock - new and old - and alternative music is kept off the air. No Simple Minds, no Pink Floyd, no Depeche Mode, no Jean-Michel Jarre, no Sigur Ros, only pop and hiphop. Even jazz looses when the last employee in the jazz section of DR is laid off and that in the country with the Worlds largest jazz festival!

Why? It's easier to be mainstream; no-one criticize you for your choice of music, only the weirdoes with the bad taste in music and who listens to them (us)?

In Denmark the media has become extremely afraid of being criticised by politicians, so much that they fail in their obligation to be the watchdog for the people and the democracy. The result: Their programs and news are all mainstream without bite of any kind. And that means that alternativ music and views are not aired if they don't conform with the majority.

Asta said...

No, and this is the establisments tool to keep the youngsters from straying and find new wawes. This is why extremely lousy people as Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears have become millionaires. Grotesque!
In my mind Public radio should be sent to a desert island and live there for a year with the kate perry and brittney and lindsey and all the others - then - maybe - there would be room for better taste.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Cruel and unusual punishment is banned :-)but that would be justice served right.