Metro syndrome

It's raining cats and dogs in Stockholm. - Did the 500 meters from the hotel to the metro station this morning, and it just stood down in bars.

So I could have ignored the hair styling routine this morning. A complete waste of my time! - And now at 4 pm it's still raining. Completely unbelievable in December.

I'm thinking about shopping today. Perhaps visit Indiska to see if I can find something. Or skip it and just go back to the hotel and pop into bed early.

My hotel is just 4 stops by the metro away from the office that I'm visiting this week. Simple and flexible. I like the metro - during daytime. During nighttime it's creepy and scarry. Lots of weird and unpleasant individuals individer coming out of their holes after 9 pm. Not that they look weird or strange, but they behave creepy. As if the metro sucks anyone with the need of getting rid of their aggressions into its deep. - The guards are no better - on the contrary. I'm actually afraid of them. Seriously!

I'm not scarred of people who feel bad for some reason. I just feel sorry for them. But people who needs to show me how powerful they are makes me real scarred.

These are the kind of people who are able to provoke me. - Perhaps I should feel sorry for the guards as well. Because they are not mentally well either. If they were, they wouldn't need to behave like they do. But I have to neglect that feeling. I am unable to pitty them. They get paid to manage conflicts. Instead they create conflicts. They should never have been hired as guards. They are small people. Low people. Un-important people. The same sort of people you can meet in the nightclub door........

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ruma2008 said...

Colors are beautiful subways.
A route map resembles a subway of Tokyo.

Thank you.