The jungle

Today I feel sorry for myself. I have a cold. My nose is running. My head feels twice as big as yesterday. I look and feel like stew from last year.

I got the advice to drink a glas of whisky. Too bad I don't like whisky. The only time I tasted whisky, it took me 2 hours to catch my breath again.

Last night we were invited to dinner with Freddies family.

It's interesting to see the difference between families. Freddies family is a very functional family. They respect each other. They're all very down to earth without any weird ideas about themselves or others.
My family is a bit different. I think it has to do with genes. From my side of the family, we have inherited darkness. We are not dis-functional, but we have the darkness inside of us that forces us to question ourselves endlessly. We're never quite satisfied with ourselves. We doubt ourselves. We seek for perfection. Which is a burden.

We are the "pefect" people. We are very modest and low profiled people. We don't speak our minds out loudly. If someone gives us a black eye, we apologize.

We are very well aware of the psycological mecanisms in our behaviour. We know the answers to why, how and when. Still we are what we are. It all goes back to the gifts that you got in your cradle. We are the truth. Everything else is just imitation.


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Have to agree with you that we all have to accept ourselves as we are. I think it's very human to question the way we behave. Actually I think the understanding of what makes us tick is important. Only then can we accept our good and bad sides instead of worrying about what others think all the time.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

BTW you're right about Freddies family too; really nice and down to earth people.