Get home safely

My penultimate day in Stockholm. Last night I circled at red line in the metro. Lots of people.

Back at the hotel appr. 7 pm I went outside for a smoke. - Smoking is getting harder and harder. If I need to cover my addiction for nicotine, I have to stand outside in the rain.

Anyway. Out of the hotel came 3 persons, 1 lady and 2 gentlemen - or whatever you should call them. - The female part of the company was not quite finished with his wine, so from her pocket in her jacket she drew upp a wine glass filled with red wine, bottomed the content, and placed the glass at the sidewalk.

The smallest of the gentlemen had made sure to drink upp indoors - in such a rush that he had to use the entire road width to walk straight - if you get my point-:).

- Anyway. - The 3 of them entered their transportation vehicle - a big red Volvo S80. - It is of course important to get as safe a ride home as possible............. And anyway, it's always a good idea with a glass or 2 before putting yourself on wheel. I mean - Traffic is deadly isn't it!?!

I need a break now, because I've got to have a smoke before class starts...........


Christopher Raun Leth said...

I understand your outrage about driving while drunk. Actually I think it should be punished like attempted murder, it's that dangerous.

I can't understand why it's a mitigating circumstance to be drunk when you assault someone, it should be aggrevating instead. Then perhaps people would think before they got drunk and stupid, and it would be a nice signal to send that other people won't tolerate that kind of behavior just because you're drunk.

Asta said...

It's the law that needs to be revised. If you kill someone when drunk it's because alcohol controls you and you are no longer responsible for your acts.
I believe in 0-tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving. Un-fortunately alcohol is an accepted drug in our society, which is why it is legal and acceptable to drink and behave horrible, but it is not acceptable to smoke. But smoking doesn't kill others. Alcohol does.
I think alcohol should be restricted at the same level as drugs. In my mind there is no difference......

Christopher Raun Leth said...

You're right. But to chance the law a majority has to change their attitude towards alcohol. I'm not extreme in regards to alcohol and do like a beer or a glass of wine, but public drunkiness are not acceptable in my opinion. But too many find it quite ok to be able to change the law yet.