Foreign timid?

In Copenhagen so called dialog benches have been placed out at squares around the city.

The idea is that one should sit down for a small chat with other people. And basicly the idea is great. However, a metropolis might not be the right place. Which probably explains why the benches remains empty. - Because people in huge cities often suffers from a certain amount of anxiety to strangers.

One wonders why? - People categorized as normal move to a metropolis and within a month they are totally damaged. Hidding behind the iPod and the cell phone or another electronic device. Or behind the black sunglasses. No eye contact what so ever. The nose turned towards the sky.

Strangely enough, if you ask people living in a metropolis why they behave like that, they all blame the amount of weirdos in the metropolis jungle. I agree that there are many weirdos. It is a sympton of the class divided society that those who have feel uncomfortable adjustment by those who don't have. And those who don't have must live somewhere. We humans are pack members, so naturally those who don't have seek themselves to big cities with others in the same situation.

I sound like a bloody communist, I know. But nevermind. What's interesting here is how your personality changes when moving to a city.

I'm no better myself. When travelling I often meet people who speaks Danish. I NEVER reveal where I come from. Only the other day - when in Gothenburg - I'm actually ashamed of myself come to think of it - I sit in a restaurant, and just behind me 4 Danes are having difficulties with the booking. Do I turn around an offer my assistance? - Noooo, of course not. Their problems are not my business....... - Damn me and my lack of style!  

Back home at the country side I would never behave this tatty. Of course I help people when I can see or hear that they need help. But the moment I cross the city line - my personality changes. And I hide behind my black sunglasses.

"The more you think, the more one realizes that there is no simple answer"
A.A. Milne, Author

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