Imagine if I was famous. I would be invited to events everywhere. And huge numbers of photographers would line up and expose me to the world. And I would be interviewed. About me, for example. And it would be published. Everybody would read my blog. And everybody would all of a sudden have a desperat need to become my friends. I could be a complete jerk. I might not be able to get the spelling right. Doesn't matter. As long as I'm famous. And no matter what comes out of my mouth - they will swallow it and praise me!

This is how it could be:

C.Leb Q: Asta, What inspires you to write?
Me A: Have you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: You get a lot of comments on your blog. Do you ever comment back?
Me A: Have you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: You write a lot about yourself. Why?
Me A: Because I can

C.Leb Q: From time to time people critizises you for your writing. Have do you handle the critics?
Me A: Have you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: For many years singing and playing guitar was a part of your life. Why did you quit?
Me A: Are you absolutely sure you read my blog?

C.Leb Q:You once wrote a very funny speech about God. When can we see the speech again?
Me A: Do you mean as a kind of Best of? - Replays I leave to others

C.Leb Q: You have a huge fascination for shoes. Why?
Me A: Did you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: Karaoke is very popular. Many people has sworn an oath to karaoke. Soon anyone has a karaoke facilities. Anyone become the stars of an evening, right? How do you feel about karaoke? Are you planning to upload a karaoke song on your blog? Perhaps make a video recording?
Me A: What was your question?

C.Leb Q: Finally, Asta, which of the following do you prefer

Beer or Wine?

Cheese or ice cream?

Dog or Cat?
Next question please

TV or radio?

Car or boat?

Mallorca or Bahamas?

Gold or silver?

Long or mini?

Sneakers or ballerina shoes?
High heals

Celine or Madonna?
Tony Kakko

C.Leb: Thank you for your time




Christopher Raun Leth said...

ROFL. You have a talent as a journalist I think:-)...or maybe you have seen too many mindless interviews with emptyheaded and unprepared versions of the breed. I know that I have.

Asta said...

Both and I think. I feel so sorry for the poor bastards that actually have to sit and pretend that they find the questions interesting and intelligent-:))