Does the Church have a role?

I am a protestant. As a result of that, I only go to church for christienings, weddings and funerals. I believe - not in God - but in life. However I like the church as a place for thought and reflection. I enjoy the music because sound is powerful in the church room.

Protestants do not believe in the concept of indulgence. One can never buy forgiveness. Martin Luther broke with the Catholic Church first and foremost because he despised the trade with indulgence performed by the Catholic Church. Purgatory does not exist within Christianity. It is something evil priests have invented to scare people. In order to get control over people.

Nor do I believe in hell as a place I can escape as long as I live by the rules of the Bible and pay my tenth. I become incensed at my local church which is for Methodists more than for Protestants. There collection is presented in public, giving the entire congregation the possibility to see whether I have money or not. If I have no money, I can use my credit card. They take Visa. It's disgusting! I won't have anything to do with it. Money has nothing to do with Christianity and Jesus bids.


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Faith shouldn't be about money, but often is. Faith is also a private thing in my eyes so it shouldn't be flaunted in others faces. I respect that people believe, but when they try to force their believes onto me I rebel.

Asta said...

So true! We teach our children to be kind to others. However, when it comes to religious questions, there is no kindness in the language all of a sudden. Tolerance is an un-known word to most people......