Crap and happiness

TV is a device that helps people who can't entertain themselves to look at other disabled people.

You get entertained by people in your bedroom that you would never invite into your home.

There you are with your nice little family, sitting in front of the flat screen altar that you bought on sale last summer, drinking coffee and eating homebaked cakes, watching complete strangers having a booze party, complaining over the lack of taste in displaying such abhorrent pictures just when you want to relax.

You complain about the colour of the tie that the TV host's wearing. While your bum's getting bigger and bigger and your head smaller and smaller.

Doubble moral is better than no moral.

Are you happy, by the way?

Posted by Asta2143


Christopher Raun Leth said...

You're right of course. It seems like the tv-networks are cooperating in showing the same stupidifying programs at the same time each day, so that intelligent people either turn off the telly or get a numb brain. Why is it that we have to tolerate this absolutely crap they feed us every day? Do they really want us to open a book instead? Maybe it's a master plan of the publishers instead? Who knows?

I know, that when I see that I can chose between Who Can Dance? and Big Brother, I prefer a good book and a cup of tea. Or one of my 600 - 700 movies...:-)

Asta said...

TV is for people who can't entertain themselves. In other words. When TV was introduced people became comfortably numbs. They debate in newspapers, on blogs and in other idiotic TV programes about reality shows. You no longer need to create something yourself, because others do it for you. You just ride the wawe. It's sad and hilarious at the same time. Not at all good for humans ability to think.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Seeing eality shows are a way to live a life that you can't get otherwise, a bit like a book but without the need of independent thought. I really can't see the pleasure in it but a lot of apparently intelligent people of my acquaintance lap it up like you wouldn't believe. They are popular and a serious topic in many conversations that I overhear. And there are money in them so they will continue:-(