Civilized business moral

Bought a highly controversial book when I was in Gothenburg. It's called the Swedish Mafia, and is a mapping of criminal gangs in Sweden. Highly interesting. The book is written by 2 journalists.

It's controversial because it describes how criminal organisations such as Hells Angels, Bandidos and Wolfpack more or less un-disturbed have been able to penetrate into society and use blackmail and threats as an accepted business concept. When I've finished the book, I'll post you my point of view.

Biker environment is not entirely unknown to me. I was young and living in Copenhagen during the period when Hells Angels became the decission makers at the citys hashish market. They seized power through the rigorous shooting of the leader of the former owner club. He was gunned down in brought daylight in the street outside his home. - He went from punk to Icon the moment he died. Like a rockstar.
I lived in the neighborhood and saw the brand switch from Bullshit to Hells Angels, but I never saw the biker clubs as a threat, not even as criminals.

It was just a fight about who would determine the selling price - which had nothing to do with buyers.

It was just a fight about who would determine the selling price - which had nothing to do with buyers.

Today - 25 years later, a new war is on in Copenhagen. This time it is about drugs (hashish is light beer for hippies).

The war about the drug market is being battled between Hells Angels and groups of young immigrants. And most likely Hells Angels will loose the war. The war has changed character. It has intensified. But the money they are fighting for is also widening. We are talking about a rock loose market where you can earn fantasy billons.

In Sweden, there is also war between various criminal groups, but the war is centered in and around Gothenburg - not in Stockholm. Or rather: The shootings are not as intensive in Stockholm as in Gothenburg. I therefore conclude.......


Christopher Raun Leth said...

It's cooled down a bit in Copenhagen lately, but it's probably just the calm before the storm. I think that it has switched a bit from just being about the market to also being a question of honour for the gangs. It has become a kind of bloodfeud where it's tit-for-tat. Unfortunately it's in broad daylight on public streets and innocents have been wounded already. To many it seems like there is no easy solution, and maybe it just has to run its course until one side is no more. I can't see a way out of this unless they realize that this give them a lot of unwanted attention from the police so that they can't do business. If they realize that they might stop...and they might not. A shame really that there are so many money in the drugs trade that some people will do anything to have their share of it.

Asta said...

Yes, it is a shame. The danger is in the structure of the new upcoming gangs, because Hells Angels and the old gangs had a codex saying never to involve outsiders. Bandidos change that codex. There is zero moral. And the street and prison gangs don't have a moral at all.
I think that a lot is about the drug market, but also about the territory. Who rules. And basicly - at least in Sweden - it's out of control. Here the territorial fright is also about owning the right to robe banks etc. We've seen som spectacular robberies here with 25-30 people involved. And the police can't do anything.