Birthday or Christmas?

I'm not really sure how I feel about Christmas. I just think the food is interesting. Fried duck - that's good.

But all this with gifts and stuff - that seems - in my mind - to have reached absurd proportions. Just a lot of gift swapping back and forth. It is nice however to meet with the family and eat together.

But why are we suddenly all children just because it's Christmas? - What are we celebrating? Jesus birthday? - Why do we celebrate the birthday of someone who has been dead for 2,000 years? - As if anyone would celebrate my birthday in 2,000 years? - Think about this: Is there anyone who knows who I am in - say - 100 years? - The name of my great-grandfather on my fathers side is unknown to me, so how can I expect that my great-grandchildren should know MY name? Or keep my birthday alive for that matter? - Incidentally, it is an idiotic discussion, because I don't even celebrate my birthday. Just think it is hogwash.

And who says that Jesus think it is great to be celebrated, when we celebrate his day by swapping gifts? - It was the love for your fellow people he preached. Is your fellow people to ruin themselves for other people to love them for 10 minutes once a year?


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Christmas has long lost it's meaning. It's about gifts and abundance and meaningless rituals, disguised as love and family.

Asta said...

Which is sad. So why not just cancel christmas? Do we really need it?