WMA - Un-necessary and Waste of Time

Klaus Riskaer continues his trend with psycotic mind blurr that noone understands, and today I wrote to him and asked why he insists on taking oss to another planet which we don't want to go to.
I did not receive any reply so far. He might never answer my question. Perhaps he doesn't think it's necessary to reply to the comments he receives, or maybe he doesn't read them.

I'll let Klaus rest a couple of days. I can always get back to him later on.

Now let's get down to the subject of the day!

WMA has been reduced to some sort of hip-hop stage. I can't stand hip-hop. I think it's heavily over-advertised. And I don't understand why it is considered to be more room clean than Metal. If you bother to listen to the lyrics or check out the artists behaviour. Most hip-hopartists are not musicians or real artists. They just know how to handle a computer. So do I! Does that make me a good artist?

I try to imagine what it would be like to listen to the same rhythm, the same 3 chords and the same 4 lines for 1 1/2 hour. - I think it would drive me nuts. Sorry, but that's how I feel about hip-hop.

I watched WMA USA this year on MTV, because I didn't have anything better to do that day. And what do I see? Some - as it seems - highprofiled hip-hopper wearing dreadlocks jumping around on stage more or less in his own selfish world, in a pair of expensive trousers hangingon his knees. Showing up his presumably expensive but not so attractive underwear.

I forgot his name, I forgot the tune (not really sure if it can becalled a tune), I forgot the lyrics. This guy could be the highest paid artist in the world for that matter. I couldn't care less. As I recall it, he received an award. Don't remember in which category.

But what I do remember is, that he arrived at the red carpet on top of an elephant.- And that it was considered to be very cool.

The funny thing is - and this just tells me that peoples view on what's cool depends on WHO does it - if Marilyn Manson had arrived at the red carpet on top of an elephant, he would have been criticized and accused of being mean to animals.

But what's the difference? Can anyone explain to me?

Personally I prefer Marilyn Manson. He's miles ahead of the nutty hip-hop bloke. Because Manson has a message. He can perform and he knows what music is about. - I don't think that the hip-hop pinocchio has a message. And he certainly doesn't know a thing about music, that's for sure. And besides - he's got no style. WHO wants to see a mans dirty underwear - I just ask?

Check the video "I hate hip hop and I love death metal" her


Christopher Raun Leth said...

I agree on hip-hop being a total waste of time. To me it's like nails on a blackboard. I can't se why some people can actually call it music, but then there's a lot of things that I don't understand:-). I can listen to some heavy metall like Deep Purple and Rainbow, but imho there's too much that I wouldn't call music. To me most of it is more like screaming with a background of white noise on steroids; no singing, no melody to follow, just concentrated noise. But then again, there's no accounting for taste (good or bad :-)) Give me some cool Coltrane, Pink Floyd, Cranberries, Sigur Ros or Cold Play any day. That's music in my ears.

Asta said...

I agree, it's a matter of taste.
Metal music is divided in many different kind of sounds, and some of the sounds are - experimental, let's call it that. But what metal bands does is combine music with theater, so it's more music for live events than for records actually.
What annoys med with MTV is, that they decide what I should see and hear. And for some of the rock bands, this means that they won't be allowed to go on stage and perform what they like to perform, becuase MTV censors ev everything, and that's not good. The result is that the extablished bands boycotts MTV and VMA. And that's a pitty, because that leaves us with horrible Madonna and crappy hip hop and rap like Diddy or whatever his name is. And frankly, it's weird, because Diddy has been involved in gun fightings and he was accused of a murder, but he wears nice suits so he is clean. That is dubble moral!