Thomas Treo and his PMS

Number of people making me very tired: 2 Number of coffees: Too many Roses: 1

Thomas Treo has PMS again. I wonder why he reviews music, because when calling himself Treo, he must have some sort of serious problem. Constant headaches for example.

I said it when Treo reviewed the Marilyn Manson concert and when he reviewed the Meat Loaf concert: It's quite allright to have a personal opinion, but as a reviwer you need to be slightly more nuanced than Treo is, and not just butcher people. - I was there, experiencing the reality, and my experience were opposite yours, right?!?

And now Treo wrote yet another review which is over the line. The review of Guns and Roses new album "Chinese Democracy".

We've been waiting for 17 years for that album. Never thought it would come out. But it's here now, and Treo reviewed it. - Unfortunately.

Already when reading the headline you understand that the old Rose is a massive thorn in Treos eye. - Not that Treo ever bothers to tell us why, but perhaps Axl offended Treo on a personal level once upon a time in the dizzy past: Nicked a girlfriend, threw a bottle in Treos face, or simply refused to answer a question. - Who knows?

Whatever reasons for the bad vibrations, the review is dripping acid of hate and personal anti-feelings against Axl Rose. And we read that the album is shit. Treo calls it devestating poor. - Actually he uses a phrase, which is impossible for me to translate properly, but he calls Axl an asshole and claims that he's nothing.

So what do you do? Because I can't comment on or discuss something that I haven't heard or seen. However I did read the review in Rolling Stones and find it very hard to believe that their rewiers are tone deaf.

I decided to follow the call and logged on Myspace and listened - together with 3 million other people - to Chinese Democracy on Friday night. I heard the album 4 times. And Treo - frankly. You are too old and too blocked in your brain for your job. Because it's a good album. Lots of variation. Not at all Guns and Roses as they used to sound. Fortunately enough. Axl developed and grew up. - 1 track is not my cup of tea, but the rest of it is very good. So good that I will buy the album for my collection. And trust me on this: I select carefully.

Being a musician is a profession. It's like being a carpenter, an electrician or a teacher. And Treo - is it impossible for you to respect the skilled professional Axl Rose enough to be able to listen to his work with an open mind, free of all preconcieved ideas based on events that happened 20 years ago?

Treo: As I wrote to you last night: Have a breakdown and move on. Take a Treo, put it in a glas of water and join the rest of us down here at the planet Earth.

For those of you who understands Danish, please find the full review from Treo below:



Christopher Raun Leth said...

Read Treos review and you're right; Treo's got a serious personal problem regarding Axl & Co. Maybe his name is a reference to what he need every day to cure his hangover because his got to have drunk that day. I don't know, but it seems to me that he thinks that he's got the power as a reviewer to make and breake people, and he prefer to breake them. He is not the first reviewer I've noticed with that complex, and I actually prefer to make my own opinion on the music, book, movie or whatever instead of trusting a guy like this.

Asta said...

Me too. But I thought he needs a good slap, because whatever he thinks about the ablum, he doesn't have to insult the man on a personal level. That was dumb. I noticed that a lot of comments had been removed from the paper, so I guess others felt even stronger against Treo and his bad attitude.