Strangers on a train

Had a very strange and in the same time uplifting experience last week when I was away on a business trip.
The train journey took almost 6 hours all in all, and halfway there was a 15 minute stop at a local railway station. So I went out to get some fresh air (coming out of a cigarette). While standing there on the platform minding my own business, a young man came over to me and initiated a conversation. He was not a day older than 23, so I was actually wondering if he was blind, talking to a stranger of the opposite sex 20 years older than him.

However, I am open minded, so I talked to him.

It turned out that the reason why he wanted to talk to me was that he had personal problems and needed to speak to a total stranger for a good advice. So I gave him advice, and he was happy.

I thought it all through, because it does happen from time to time that complete strangers come forward and ask me for advice. I think it has to do with my friendly face and body language. Come to think of it, it's actually very flattering.

So think twice next time a stranger talks to you. Be open minded. It could be someone who just wants a chunk of your life experience. - It confirms that you are probably wise. And after all - being considered wise is the ultimate form of flattery.

“Flattery makes friends and truth makes enemies.”

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