Private space

The past couple of days I might have given you the feeling that I have some sort of fear of people crossing my private space. - I do.

I can't have anyone entering my private space uninvited. I hate the abominable practice as a part of people's practice of kissing strangers in the face. Or backclappers(read stappers) praising my amazing abilities. BVADR!

Nor do I appreciate others giving me advice about how I should be or look. I don't know what to do about it. If I need an advice I will ask for it.

Unfortunately I was taught always to be polite and kind and understanding no matter what. Which occasionally causes a lot of inner fights. I would love to be able to put people in place so they can understand it. Instead it becomes something half woolen something that just leads to others to perceive me as strange.

Which is why I avoid the yearly christmas-come-together at the companys expenses, which is an almost holy phenomena that we must overcome every year.

A couple of times I've been ordered to participate. And what happens? As soon as we have been seated to eat a nice and quiet dinner, the claims and complaints about this and that begins. For example about the wages. Or whatever else people can find energy to complain about.

And there is always someone who starts to cry, and there is always someone falling ill. And then I'm expected to take care of it, as if I should see it as a vocation. I'm unable to decline. Because I am sober, I'm automatically compared with the bosom Heart accurate Samaritan. But honestly. I have other things to do than to sit in a bathroom in my nice clothes holding a second adult in the forehead, and say "Ah" and "Poor you".