People and People

Blogging is high fashion. Everybody blogs. Including me.

Some woman labored over bloggers who have less than 100 readers a day. She thought they should lay down their efforts. She claimed that it is ridiculous to write for oneself. I think she has misunderstood the whole concept of blogging.

I blog because I need to discuss and ventilate issues on my mind. I don't have others but my husband to talk to, so naturally I find other ways. And the blog is the ultimate solution. I don't have to be perfect in writing and grammar, and I don't have to be a journalist to get my thoughts printed in a newspaper - even if it's just a web paper.

Another vey important reason is, that I can be as provocative as I wish to be in my blog and write about anything I like, even subjects that can be categorized as taboo. The risk of getting a hand grenade through my windows is below Zero. Because I choose to use a synonym when blogging. I'm not sissy, just being practical.

A lot of celebrities are blogging. And to be honest, they've got as little to say or as much to say - depending which side you're on - as I have, but since they are famous, they get a lot of readers. But what is the difference between a celebrity blogger and a blogger from the real world? Yeah, sure, I might not be an expert in fashion. But hey! How many celebrities are? They leave it to their stylists to pick and dress, right?!?

I can be nice and I can be mean. The blog is the free place for the free word. My free space, where I can let loose and ignore the consequences.

So you, woman who told me to quit. I have to disappoint you. I'm not quitting. Because your opinion is indifferent to my well-being. I don't care about your opinion because your attitude insinuates that some are better than others. And that makes me indignant.

Slipknot at "Hovet", Stockholm, November 12, 2008


Marilyn Manson at "Hovet", Stockholm, December 15, 2008

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