Miss Wintys birthday will not rock the Globe

Wanted to invite Miss Winty and Freddie to one of the 2 Metallica concerts in Stockholm as a birthday present for Miss Winty. Unfortunately the concerts were sold out in 30 minutes.

What a shame. I wanted to see Metallica. And I get so irritated when realizing that the reason why the concerts were sold out in 30 minutes is because some stupid, ignorant morans have managed to buy more tickets than they actually needed. Not for themselves of course, but to sell at the black market, making themselves an extra buck. Its wrong! - Not only to the fans, but also to the band. They don't get a share of the cake.

Livenation received so many complaints that they actually started an investigation, and one of their re-sellers is no longer allowed to sell tickets. You must pay via the internet. Because there were restrictions for the Metallica concert. Of course. This is a cult band. - You could only buy 6 tickets per person. Nevertheless the re-seller ignored this restriction and sold as many tickets as possible to the same person. And it wasn't just 1 re-seller who did that.

We had tickets for the Slipknot concert last week, and outside the concert hall there were a lot of black market dealers trying to sell tickets 4-5 times over the actual price.
Bad, Bad, Bad!

After the concert, they also tried to sell band merchandise to prices higher than the band is charging for the same stuff.

The interesting thing is, that every time you go to a concert, there's always a lot of police and a lot of security. But they are focusing on the fans only. Never on the black market dealers, which in my mind is completely idiotic, because the fans are not violent or disturbing. They are on their way to a concert which they are looking forward to, and after the concert they are not going to make any trouble, because they're dead-tired. Hello! They've been screaming and jumping and I don't what for 3-4 hours. They just want to go to bed and sleep.

Black market dealers are not interested in the band or the artist giving a concert. They are only there to squeeze you for money. They don't pay tax. They are breaking the law, but apparently the law doesn't


Christopher Raun Leth said...

It's a shame that people that are really interested either have to miss a good concert or pay out their nose to get tickets. Sure the police should do something about it (and do it quick) but there's obviously a market for the toots. I don't know if people are desperate or just plain stupid to pay these prices but if they could be persuaded to think twice, the toots might be out of a job pretty damn quickly.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

BTW I hope you get Miss Winty a replacement present as good as this would have been:-)

Asta said...

I will. I am doing my best to find another concert which would be an alternative.
It's very sad that people will actually pay for these black market tickets, but the thing is that a lot of people will do anything to get a chance to see their idols.
But it is pure robbery. Nothing more, nothing less.

Christopher Raun Leth said...

You're right of course; people will pay and do anything to fulfill their dreams. But sad that there are people ready to take advantage of that fact.