Luckily John McCain did not become the President of the USA. Which is a relief, because what would happen if he died? - We would have seen Sarah Palin sworn in as president, and that would have been a step back to ancient times where women had no rights and was completely under the control of fathers and husbands. A horrifying thought!

Of course the conservative, religious right in USA is mourning, but for the sake of the world, it's best to avoid such failures as voting McCain into office.

It's significant that America finally decided to quit the era of the war heroes. Hopefully this will lead to a better understanding and wider development of the European Thought.

It's interesting, that America see itself as the worlds leading democracy. With reference to the voting system in America, it's difficult for me to understand why. How can anyone call the system democratic, when it's possible to influence the outcome with votes not belonging to registered voters?

That sounds more like Chinese democracy to me. .......

I sometimes get the feeling that Americans find it extremely difficult to actually understand and accept other cultures and ideas.

Americans travel to Europe on How-fast-can-we-see Europe-in-10 days trips. And wonder why we speak so many different languages in Europe. But you seem to overlook the fact that Europe developed over several thousand years and is influenced by African, Middle East and Asian cultures. Cultures that has been mixed together and made us what we are today. For a European it is only refreshing with different lifestyles and languages. Most Europeans speak more than one language. Personally I speak 3 languages fluently and a fourth whenever I get a chance to practice.

You voted for a vide-president who thought that Africa was a country. That´s scarry!

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