Hypercreativity or just too much booze?

Anyone who reads the entertainment news are well familiar with Dita. She is an example of a completely faked pin-up from the 1950'ies. However she does it very good. I don't want to call her beautiful, but she has an interesting look.

Unfortunately for Dita she got herself a copycat. Not a very good one to be honest, but a copycat she has.

It's not hilarious - it's pathetic. No matter which excuse you can come up with.

To copy another woman who is still alive, that's never a good idea. Actually it's one of the 7 death sins.

Imagine what would have happened if anyone had tried to copy Mae West. Do you think they would have gotten away with it, without a fight? - Hardly.

On the album "Eat me, Drink me" there is a track called "Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery"

Let's for a moment pretend that it is Dita who performs this song

Hey! There's no rules today.
You steal instead of borrow.
You take all the shapes that I make.
And you think
That you thought
All the thoughts
That I thought you,Don't you?
Mutilation's the most
Sincere form of flattery.
If you want to be me,Then stand in line like the rest.
Now, do you know what I mean?
The young get less bolder
The legends get older
But I stay the same
As long as you have less to say
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
Fuck you

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