How smart du you think you are?

Sometimes it puzzles me what actually's going on inside my head.

Here I am, kind enough to think of the companys costs in connection with my travels. So I thought that the nighttrain home from Gothenburg would be a brilliant idea. It costs only half of a hotel, and it'll bring me home a day earlier than expected.

And now that the tickets are booked I see that I (God damn it!) must leave the train at 5 am Wednesday morning when arriving the railway station up in Ånge (right in the middle of nowhere) - in order to switch to another train that will take me down to my final destination. Which is 111 km (68.81 miles) away.

So - well conceived, Asta! You have, as always, showed a bright ability to make it so difficult for yourself as possible!



Christopher Raun Leth said...

And all that because of the kindness of your heart...Next time expenses be damned:-)

Asta said...