The Globalized nuclear family

Just read an article in a Danish newspaper today that discusses new concepts for children care in the global community.

The debate was opened by a highly controversal man who currently resides in a prison cell. He was convicted for various economic crimes. Anyway. He needs to keep himself occupied, so he has started a blog with the purpose to provoke.

So far so good. However, what annoys me is, that he uses an overly ambitious language that drives me insane, because he looses touch with the people he wants to provoke, namely parents. He has taken the debate about children and day care to another planet because of that ridicolous habbit.

Yesterday he surgested that men and women who retired could take care of the children whose mums and dads are working, instead of sending the children to nursery cares. And that’s okay. He has a point.

But today, he babbles about the "globalized nuclear family". For instans,

"By undercurrent while compensating rebalancing, these shortcomings are compensated by the qualities sought recreated, though by other suppliers and sources. The family is so blurred as a concept in relation to the former fixed-narrow definition based on a biological affiliation, to be a dynamic sliding core of human relations in a virtual space created by the "family feeling". It is the substance of the previous time-quality concept of the nuclear family which is reproduced, more than it is the actual biological family relationship."

Sweaty to translate that, I can tell you.

- I understand the meaning of every single word, however I think he is overdoing it, and because of that his point becomes dizzy. I am being pulled back to the 70-s where everything was so overplayed that the people that the discussion was about and would benefit from it, was unable to participate in any debate due to lack of understanding.

I feel a desperate need to scream: Klaus! Hell! Get a grip!

Maybe you understand Danish? If so, then please read the whole article at

Good Luck!


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Klaus obviously doesn't have anything new to add to the subject so why not hide it behind a lot of fine words? People tend to do that especially if they wants others to think that they are really smart. Plain talking is not exactly his style; a former politician and a bit of a fraud :-)

Asta said...

Ha, ha, ha! He really is a fraud isn't he!?!
I think the editor at Ekstrabladet must be out of his mind, to actually let Klaus Riskär be their sort of celebrity blogger, - ha, ha, ha, like Kira Eggers.
I don't know what to say. The whole article is completely crazy. I mean, it took me ages to figure out what it was about........

Asta said...

.... and I am pretty smart actually......

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Haven't figured it out yet myself but then I have a tendency to close my ears to babl...;-)

Asta said...

I wish I could do that..... But nope. I simply had to read the bleeping article.......