Dangerous thoughts

Chaotic amounts of thoughts enters the brain. There seems to be no end. The speed is 170 mph - at least that's what it feels like. The brain never rests. Accidents are inevitable. Huge crash, then silence. The race is restarted and very soon the accelerator is in the bottom again, slowly pushed down by an invisible hand.

Cruise control is out of order. Breaks are inoperative.

How fast can you think? Does the brain have a speed limit? How many thoughts can the brain absorbe per hour? Does the brain contain a parkinglot - or a loading area? Is the brain one giant airport where flights take off and land every second of the life?

Is it possible to control thoughts floating around the brain?

Can you control your mind? Can you describe a restricted area in the brain and make it your time out space where thoughts are not allowed? Like dogs and women at Aussi pubs 30 years ago? (Ooops - was it ME saying that?!?

Whenever a thought lands another thought must take off. Who is the leader organizing the chaos? Is the decision based on chance or is there a carefully planned course? Am I Homer Simpson or Billy Butt?

If I drink too much, will the brain end up floating around in liqour? Will it explode?

Is the brain a desert island?

Am I blond?


Christopher Leth said...

Heavy thoughts early in the day. It's almost philosophical :-) The brain is a wonderful thing...a shame so many people doesn't use it at all...

Asta said...

Ha, ha, yes, it is!