The Colonel and other horrors

With sincere honesty in my voice I am able to decline any participation in next Saturdays horrors. - Because I will be away on yet another trip. To Stockholm again during the whole week, and the week thereafter to Gothenburg. And I have to wash my clothes as well, right!?!

I like travelling. Though I prefer to sleep in my own bed. Bu it's always nice to meet new people.

Hopefully I will find some time over to buy christmas gifts. - I have no idea what to buy for Miss Winty and Freddie or for Miss Mocca. But something creative will probably come to my mind.

In Gothenburg I will meet with the whip to the Bosses Boss. I call her the Colonel. She is so focused at her work that she most of the time forgets that she has a son. Whenever she's being reminded bad concious strikes her. It's way out. She's not dedicated to or engaged in her work. She's bloody obsessed!

For some odd reason, the Colonel likes me a lot, and she always tells me about the complications of her love life in a very entertaining way. I for my sake find it very hard to visiualize the Colonel having som many admirors as she obviously has. - Perhaps men prefers dominante women?

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